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Project management body injects vitality to NFLG’S technology development


NFLG held 2015 annual projects briefing On December 26, which focused on evaluation of projects that technology research and development center needs to research or develop in 2015. NFLG chairman Fangqing Xi, general manager Fang Kai and other high-level executives and technical staff attended the meeting.

In the meeting 37 technical projects were presented to consideration by a jury composed of senior executives. At the end of judgment a number of key projects including that of company level, department level and team-level projects selected out.

Project management body which is organized in small team and centralized around approved project is widely promoted in NFLG. Every development or research action is carried out in  the manner of project and guided by IPD core philosophy. The project management body is supposed to embody interest, right and responsibility. To put it simple, once you get some brilliant or interesting idea and you show enough enthusiasm to pursue it, NFLG is glad to provide you with enough resource in form of finance, staff and so on. However you and your team are also supposed to account for its financial outcome. The more profit your project generates, the more bonus you get. 

The project management body mechanism is supposed to stimulate the enthusiasm and passion for innovation of technical engineers, and offer an excellent chance for the young people to display their talent, but also to accelerate technological innovation and deepen research and development, so that its technology upgrading could follow pace of ever changing time.

At the meeting, NFLG chairman Fang said, Investment in R & D should be carried out at any cost," which is actually NFLG’s fundament of innovation and operation. NFLG always relentlessly   pursues latest technical breakthrough, so that it could get an edge over its competitors. And there is why NFLG still continues to introduce new products and service to market  and keeps its leading position in brutally competitive  construction machinery industry. 

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