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Home News The NFLG Concrete Mixing Plant Training Course comes to a successful conclusion

The NFLG Concrete Mixing Plant Training Course comes to a successful conclusion


The 5-day national special training course for concrete mixing customers of NFLG held by NFLG Mixing Institute came to an end in a tense but pleasant atmosphere. More than 50 students from all over China, with full enthusiasm and positive spirit, gained new knowledge in the classroom full of professional knowledge and practical operation skills regarding concrete batching plant.

The lecturer team of NFLG Mixing Institute combines the actual situation of the students(operators from customer side), arrange the training courses in details including key component maintenance, concrete mixing plant electrical operating system, practical operation, trouble shooting, production capacity upgrade, AI intelligent management, low-carbon environmental protection solution sharing, green building materials smart factory management etc. NFLG proceed the training courses step by step to ensure that the course content closely meets the tudents’ actual needs so as to have a deep understanding.


In-class study


During the 5-day training course, all students picked up basic knowledge of concrete batch plant structure and production process as well as machine daily maintenance and trouble shooting skills.


Practical Operation


In order to active the study atmosphere and encourage more experience sharing among students, NFLG Mixing Institute organized brain-storm salon. All students felt free to prefer questions, share answers and experiences regarding the problems during their daily operations; such as how to quickly replace wear parts, how to fast clean the chamber, how to improve testing and maintenance efficiency, what other details each individual would like to share with all, how to improve the economic profits of concrete products and how to check the aggregates with support of AI intelligence etc. Together with the lecturers’ and professional service engineers’ experiences of NFLG, operators gained a deeper understanding and would like to share more of different methods they came up with during their daily operations.




In the Thanksgiving Dinner, NFLG also awarded the students with Best Team, Best Member, Best Operator, Excellent Lecturer etc to encourage all to move further on their pavements.


Best Team Award


Best Member Award


Golden Lecturer Award


Graduate Certificate


Study is still a long way to go. During the 5-day training course, all students obtain on overall and deepened knowledge of their batching plant and believe they would be able to enhance the skills of operating the equipment to achieve better performance and higher economic profits through new skills.

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