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NFLG FBT3000 Dry mortar production line applied to Qinhuangdao Lituo Building Materials


Qinhuangdao Lituo Building Energy-saving Materials Factory is located in Funing District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. It was established in 2009 and produces and sells a variety of new building materials and energy-saving building materials. In the 11 years since the company has grown and developed, Lituo Building Materials has always provided customers with good products and technical support, as well as sound after-sales service.

Lituo Building Materials is trusted by local customers. In June 2018, it invested 15 million yuan to build a new FBT3000 tower dry-mixed mortar production line from NFLG, with a designed annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, which can produce masonry mortar and plastering mortar , Ground mortar, ordinary waterproof mortar, interface mortar and other types of dry-mixed mortar.


NFLG FBT3000 dry-mix mortar mixing equipment integrates screening, metering, mixing, packaging, bulk, dust removal, and electrical control. The equipment adopts a high-tower structure, compact structure, less space occupation, reasonable layout, and good appearance.


For the dry-mixed mortar aggregate pretreatment and drying process, NFLG uses a domestic unique Double shell drum, the discharge temperature is ≤65℃, and the moisture content is <0.5%.

Unique container integrated (gravity+bag) dust collector, intelligently controlled pulse dust removal. Unique bulk unloading and dust removal separation control, so that the dust removal effect is better.


As for the metering system, the equipment adopts internationally renowned brand sensors to improve the metering accuracy and reliability; the sand metering system and powder metering system can achieve 1% metering accuracy. At the same time, the fine sand screening machine inside the equipment uses an efficient and stable probability screen with an efficiency of more than 85%; the probability screen is screened according to the required gradation, and the elastic jumping ball structure screen cleaning system ensures that the screen function can continuously screen This greatly reduces the occurrence of network blockage.


The mixing host adopts advanced plowshare mixing mechanism and its core patented technology, unique frequency conversion mixing patented technology, high efficiency and energy saving, adapt to more formulas, effectively reduce energy consumption by 25%, and the mixing ratio is as high as 1:10000. The unique large-open door structure ensures that there is no residue, no dead zone, and no material leakage. The replacement formula only needs simple cleaning or no cleaning; intelligent control technology runs through the entire production line. The production line is managed by an intelligent electrical control system, and is uniformly controlled by the central control room. There is no button control interface, which can easily realize automatic data management and real-time fault diagnosis.


Dry-mix mortar is a new type of energy-saving green material in the field of building materials. It can be produced automatically on a large scale according to scientific formula and accurate measurement, with high mixing uniformity, strict selection and monitoring of raw materials, reliable and stable quality, and it is a quality belt for construction. Here comes a qualitative improvement. The customer stated that the environmentally friendly dry-mixed mortar production line of NFLG is particularly labor-saving. Compared with the traditional mortar production line, it can save labor costs and its production capacity can be guaranteed. Especially in the peak production season, it can complete the project construction with high efficiency and high quality. "


The use of dry-mixed mortar is not only environmentally friendly, but also brings tangible benefits to Lituo Building Materials. The customer stated that the NFLG dry mortar production line integrates the advantages of the tower-type dry-mix line with extremely high environmental standards, enabling the company to more rationally plan the stock yard and production plant area, and the equipment is stable in operation and has high output and better performance. Control the quality and cost of finished products.


The use of dry-mixed mortar instead of traditional on-site mixing can reduce dust and noise pollution and contribute to environmental governance. Therefore, the use of industrially produced ready-mixed mortar is the general trend. The successful application of NFLG FBT300 dry-mix mortar mixing equipment in Lituo Building Materials has provided users with better mortar products, while reducing production and operating costs, increasing profitability, and being highly recognized by customers. It is undoubtedly useful for promoting green building technology. The promotion and application of Qinhuangdao City has played a positive role in promoting.

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