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NFLG Grandly Hosts "Value-Thanksgiving-The Intelligent Future" New Product Launch and Reciprocal Banquet



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In the evening of November 24, Bauma CHINA 2020 NFLG new product launch and reciprocal banquet was held at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai. NFLG's new and old customers from all over the country gathered in Shanghai to witness NFLG's brilliant development history.


In the new product conference, NFLG marketing director Mr. Yang highlighted the NFLG series of new products to the guests, a total of ten new products, through a wonderful graphic sharing form, introduced to the guests the current largest output of plastic sand making machine S3-2060, mobile crushing and screening production line, crawler mobile chipping screen, impurity separation equipment in construction waste treatment, asphalt mixture mixing equipment continuous intermittent dual-core integrated machine, recycled material asphalt stripping system, automatic wet mix recovery equipment, automatic wet mix recovery equipment, the overall solution, etc.




Mr. Yang said that in the future NFLG's development strategy, in addition to continuing to adhere to NFLG's traditional mixing field, NFLG will vigorously promote continuous asphalt mixing equipment in the domestic market, and fully enter the field of stationary crushing and screening. In terms of construction waste resource treatment, NFLG will actively promote the combination of stationary factory-based construction waste treatment centers and fast-moving modular construction waste treatment production lines according to the different stages of development in different parts of the country.


Afterwards, Mr. Fang Kai, Vice Chairman of NFLG, delivered a speech at the reciprocal banquet, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests, and thanked all the domestic and foreign friends who could not come to NFLG because of the COVID-19 through a live broadcast, as well as the domestic and foreign customers for their long-term trust and support.


Mr. Fang said in his speech that NFLG has always been adhering to the simple philosophy of "be professional, be fine, be good and be long", adhering to customer demand-oriented, technology research and development as the core driving force, deepening to the mixing field, taking mixing as the core, from sand and gravel to road, from sand and gravel to construction. NFLG is committed to becoming a professional service provider of integrated solutions in the field of project mixing, and building the project mixing ecosystem.







In addition to the new product launch, the banquet also prepared a variety of programs for customers, including classical dance with a strong Tang Dynasty style, a famous chanson band warming up the stage, a graceful solo dance and the fast and passionate "Walking on the Waves" dance, which brought the audience an exquisite visual and audio feast. The lucky draw at the scene pushed the whole dinner party to a climax, making the guests have a happy and peaceful unforgettable night.


With the development of intelligence, informatization, big data and especially the Internet of Things, NFLG is giving more wisdom to its products and making its products and mixing ecology more intelligent. In the future, NFLG will, as always, take intelligence, informationization and big data as the innovation guide to build an intelligent IOT mixing ecosystem and create more value for customers, and work hard to build brilliance with new and old customers hand in hand.

bauma CHINA 2020

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT