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NFLG has a great first day, with a lot of signings on site



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On November 24, the first day of bauma China 2020, NFLG booth was crowded and popular. On the first day, NFLG signed many sets of equipment on the spot, and held a cooperation signing ceremony on the spot to reach a consensus on strategic cooperation.  Several customers placed orders and were interviewed by NFLG, expressing their approval and recognition of NFLG's focus on technology and continuous innovation.

NFLG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Yajiu Environmental Protection Building Materials Co.Ltd.

Anhui Yajiu is an environmentally friendly dry-mixed mortar manufacturer with large production scale and strong comprehensive strength, and is a star enterprise in the building materials industry of Huaibei City. The company has cooperated with NFLG for many years, and has purchased NFLG V7 fine sand production line, FBJ3000 dry mortar production line, NWCB600 stabilized soil production line, FCP300 fixed crushing fine aggregate production line, etc. In addition, Anhui Yajiu has greatly promoted the development of the dry mortar market in HuaiBei City, and has been praised by the local government and users.



In the interview, Mr. Liu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anhui Yajiu said that NFLG has made an important contribution to the project construction of Yajiu and has laid an important foundation for the realization of a series, diversified and high-quality products strategy. In the future, both sides will cooperate to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Hainan Panghong Industry Co., Ltd. and NFLG Sign Cooperation Agreement

Founded in 2020, Pan Hong Industry is a strong and influential company with business scope including construction materials wholesale, construction stone processing, earthworks construction and other construction activities.


The signing of the NFLG S3-1030 dry sand making equipment will help the company develop the complete sets of sand making technology and equipment towards the direction of green, harmonious, intelligent and service, which is of strategic importance to accelerate the transformation of production and development.



Mr. Yan, General Manager of Pan Hong Industry, said in the interview that Pan Hong Industry recognized NFLG's professional spirit of research and research results in the field of engineering mixing. He said that the cooperation with NFLG will be a new starting point, and he hoped to strengthen the deep cooperation with NFLG to build a new environmentally friendly sand production line, which will lay a solid foundation for win-win cooperation in the future.

Jiangxi Zhongbang Construction Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NFLG.

Founded in 2009, Jiangxi Zhongbang's business scope includes construction, municipal engineering, fire protection, earth and stone works, steel structure, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar, cement products, asphalt concrete and concrete additives production and sales. Since its inception, Zhongbang Construction has been rapidly expanding its market, showing strong development trend and becoming a concrete manufacturer with large production scale and strong comprehensive strength in Nanchang, ranking the leading position of concrete production and sales in Nanchang for many years.



Speaking about the strategic cooperation agreement signed between Zhongbang and NFLG, Mr. Hu, Chairman of Zhongbang Construction, said that the cooperation project is based on their long-term focus on the project mixing industry and the same value concept. On the basis of the cooperation, Zhongbang will work with NFLG to build a new industrial pattern and promote the rapid development of the company.


bauma CHINA 2020

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT


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