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2005 National Highway Conservation Technology And Machinery Seminar


On May 22 ~ 24, 2005, the National Highway Conservation Technology And Machinery Seminar was held in Shanghai. General Secretary of China Road Society Liu Wenjie, president of China Road Society, the former vice minister of Communications Li Juchang addressed. Totally 31 papers were published. 18 experts gave a speech.

Many experts present their views on European advanced RAP hot recycling technology that the "standard construction techniques" is a od method for saving resource and should be virously promoted.
Engineers of NFLG and the experts from Europe design the RLB asphalt plant.

Blue Smoke Emissions of RLB Asphalt Recycling plant reach the European standards, hot regeneration of the old materials add up to 50% and asphalt mixture is tested by authoritative institution. Ratio, Marshall Stability, penetration, the high and low temperature stability and physical and chemical index of the mixture has reached the national standard. It is a international advanced equipment. RLB Asphalt Recycling plant can be set up on the basis of intermittent mixing equipment avoiding Overlapping investment and greatly reducing purchasing costs.

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