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Outside and Challenge Ourselves


Earlier this year, our company received an order of an Italian company asking for an asphalt mixing plant of 160 tons per hour and will be on display in SAMOTER.

Three-year term of SAMOTER will be held on May 4 - 8th, 2005 inVerona, Italy, which is the international construction machinery exhibition.

Delivery time is only 40 days including the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, thus timely delivery is much more difficult. Finally, the company has set up a special project team, guiding and supervising the entire development, production, test, packaging, transport and installation, in terms of human, giving effective distribution of material and financial resources so that the entire work can proceed smoothly.
NFLG fully cooperate with the European company exchanging a lot of information. As a professional manufacturer, NFLG redesign the equipment according to the requirements of customers. In the full cooperation of leaders at all levels and departments, we completed the order on schedule and on March 19, 2005 it is to ship.
After China's entering into the WTO In 2000, many European asphalt equipment manufacturers in China have set up joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises. And for the Chinese counterparts, it is a tremendous challenge. NFLG has long recognized that market competition will become more intense; in order to survive and develop, to look for overseas markets in the world and partners and business opportunities is the only way.
Europe is a well-known traditional machinery manufacturing centre, particularly in Western Europe, is the birthplace of asphalt equipment manufacturers. Our asphalt mixing equipment is exported to Europe, which is not only a milestone for NFLG, but for all the industries in China, it is a glorious. NFLG had created a new interpretation of "Made in China", we can not only create low-cost products, but high-quality products not less than the international level.

Earlier in 2000, our company has started the project of "asphalt mixing equipment upgrading". After almost four years’ input and development, finally in 2004on the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition we successful launch a 160 t / h asphalt mixing plant. As anticipated, the equipment has become the focus of businessmen all over the world and the design and manufacturing techniques have been widely acclaimed.

NFLG’s mixing equipment was first exported to Europe for the first time, it is both of opportunities and challenges. NFLG has been starting a new era.

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