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bauma CHINA 2020 Asphalt Mixing Plant of NFLG Exhibits (1)



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From November 24 to 27, bauma CHINA 2020 Shanghai International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo will kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, NFLG will present a series of new products in the field of engineering mixing, demonstration of live operation of equipment, interactive experience of cloud service, research and development achievements of mixing college, etc. Approaching the exhibition period, NFLG’s WeChat will continue to release a series of exhibition information, take you to see the exhibition in advance.

Integrated asphalt mixing plant


NFLG GLBR series integrated asphalt mixing plant is a new type of asphalt mixing plant with hot recycling as the main body. The equipment has advanced structure and can achieve superior asphalt recycling function. The equipment is improved on the basis of the traditional original and recycling tower structure, realizing the integration design of original and recycling. Compared with the traditional structure, the new structure can be conveniently equipped with more admixtures, such as: recycling cold additive production, anti-rutting agent, wood fiber, BRA, colored asphalt and other production functions, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, is a good choice for commercial asphalt in the city.

Range of application

City type asphalt mixing plant, also suitable for highway construction and maintenance work in the mixing of various asphalt mixture.

Equipment highlights

Integral machine design, no recycling chute, increased mixer, a large proportion of recycled materials can be added, large equipment platform, low recycling building height, safe and reliable, fast installation, upgrade configuration of industrial elevators for easy maintenance.


It can be matched with multiple additives, foamed asphalt, colored asphalt, cold addition of recycled materials, etc.

Double rows of hot aggregate bins can realize continuous production switching of different kinds of aggregates.

Multiple finished product warehouses can realize diversified large storage of finished products and long-term insulation, which can meet the needs of urban and commercialize.

Automatic feeding is exempted from the loading machine, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.

The whole environmental protection patent design, solves the follow-up worry.


The exhibiting equipment is equipped with environmentally-friendly driving channel display (partial), and adopts a powder-coated smoke dry treatment system. Realize true environmental protection without secondary pollution.

Installation log

Today is the seventh day of the installation of the NFLG bauma exhibition equipment. The sky in Shanghai is clear and the temperature is 13℃-21℃. After the morning safety meeting, the installation team members quickly returned to their jobs. After the continuous struggle of the installation team for a week, the installation work went smoothly. Today, the main work is the installation of asphalt mixing plant and the steel structure of the main building of dry mortar mixing plant.


Next Issue

NFLG's integrated asphalt mixing plant reflects NFLG's focus and dedication in technology research and development from equipment performance to environmental protection quality. The next wonderful exhibits will be shown in advance, and you will be introduced to the important parts of the asphalt mixing plant of the NFLG -- hot air furnace, counter-flow type recycling drum and other equipment, please continue to pay attention to!

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT