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Home News The praise letter is here again! The NFLG service engineers stick to work at -20℃ in Russia during the epidemic!

The praise letter is here again! The NFLG service engineers stick to work at -20℃ in Russia during the epidemic!


2020 is a tough year for everyone, but with COVID-19 sweeping the globe, there are still millions of people carrying the load. Recently, NFLG has received a letter of thanks from the service team of NFLG in Russia. The letter especially thanked the service engineers of NFLG For overcoming the difficult construction environment during the epidemic and completing the installation and commissioning of several sets of asphalt mixing plants in Russia with high quality and high efficiency.


On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, all over the country has begun traffic control and personnel flow restrictions. The two engineers of NFLG Xiao Shuiqing and Liu Junlu had to travel from their hometowns by tossing around many places, changing to multiple modes of transportation, with the domestic epidemic situation getting worse and reaching its peak, embarked on a flight to Russia.

When they first arrived in Russia, when it was the coldest time, Xiao Shuiqing and Liu Junlu worked in icy and snowy fields at minus 20 degrees Celsius without any complaints. With the gradual progress of the installation and commissioning work, the sudden deterioration of the Russian epidemic, the troubles caused by the dangerous environment, and the inconvenience to the flow of daily travelers, have not stopped them from struggling on the front line of work.


When they first arrived in Alekseyevskoye, the two engineers were still able to live in hotels. With the severe epidemic, Russia began not allowing hotels and restaurants to open. They could only temporarily eat and live in houses built next to the construction site even having difficulty taking a bath.

During their stay in Russia, the two engineers often rushed back and forth between several construction sites. Every time 4 or 5 people squeezed in a car wearing masks in nearly ten hours. Even the Russian translator was overwhelmed by the lumbar damage. Moreover, after the engineers arrive at the construction site, they will continue to be plunged into work. They are under tremendous physical and mental pressure, which also brings certain challenges and difficulties to the installation work.


In Alkes, the delivery date was delayed for more than one month due to the epidemic. After arriving from Kazan, the two engineers worked overtime day and night. They feedbacked the installation problems to the NFLG headquarter early in the day and needed to work on the construction site until 11-12 pm.
During the commissioning phase, because the electrical personnel was commissioning on other sites, Xiao Shuiqing without experience in electrician commissioning asphalt equipment took the initiative to contact the headquarter engineer Lin Defu to commission the burner and the start each component, then ensure the safe operation of the equipment finally.
In Samara, there was no translation on the construction site because people were not allowed to move around in Russia during the epidemic. While Liu Junlu showed technical expertise, he also demonstrated excellent communication skills. He communicated with customers in English throughout the entire process, and guaranteed the smooth operation of the equipment by overcoming language barriers.

4.webpNFLG LB2000 asphalt mixing plant in Samara

5.webpNFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant in Kazan

6.webpNFLG LB1500 asphalt mixing plant in Orenburg

After being away from hometown for over half a year, Xiao Shuiqing and Liu Junlu completed the task in time and with high quality. They completed the installation and commissioning of 6 sets of asphalt mixing equipment in Alekseyevskoye, Ufa, Orsk, Tolyatti, Kazan, and other places and also carried out the new AR remote guidance and commissioning program test.

The two engineers are well-served and skilled, showing a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, during the installation and commissioning process, I would also like to thank service manager Chen Akun, burner engineer Lin Defu, Russia regional manager Wan Jiayan, service manager Lu Guoying, and asphalt product department manager Ye Xinghua for providing remote online support services during equipment commissioning. The NFLG team actively assisted and solved problems efficiently in the process of equipment debugging and production, showing a very high level of service.

7.webpNFLG LB2000 asphalt mixing plant in Tver

8.webpNFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant in Yekaterinburg

9.webpNFLG HZS120 concrete mixing equipment located in Kazan

The close cooperation between NFLG and the Russian service team during the epidemic ensured the successful implementation of various projects in Russia in 2020. After years of continuous efforts in the Russian market, NFLG equipment has spread all over Russia and is well recognized by Russian customers.

During the epidemic, while ensuring safety, NFLG always took customer valued as the starting point, adhered to the customer-oriented service concept, formed a value community with customers, and repaid customers at home and abroad with high-quality products and services.

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