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Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. (Stock code: SH, 603280; Hereinafter referred to as: NFLG) was established in 1997. Based on the accumulation from engineering mixing, a deep understanding of the laws of industrial development and more than 20 years of specialized research and development, NFLG has gradually formed the business structure driven by the three major sectors of material processing, engineering mixing, and construction waste treatment, which has realized the layout and deep cultivation of the entire industrial chain, and creatively provided the market with overall solutions for green recycling building materials. At the same time, the new model of engineering digital intelligence IoT and property-based service operation and management created by NFLG, has formed a whole industry chain of "hardware-software-service", which is deeply bound with users and can let users easily enjoy safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and smarter overall solutions and services for green recycling building materials.


In the future, NFLG will continue to be market-oriented, continue to innovate, develop core technologies and products, improve the level of digitalization and intelligence, deepen the connotation of green recycling building materials overall solution service providers, and strive to become an international leader of green recycling building materials overall solutions. And sticking to the core value concept of "be professional, be specialized, do better, go further", NFLG will try to become a world-class enterprise trusted by customers and respected by peers, and contribute to the social circular economy and China's carbon emission reduction. At the same time, we will give back the society and investors with a greater sense of social responsibility.

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