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LBPS Asphalt Recycling & Screening Equipment

LBPS Asphalt Recycling & Screening Equipment

Location: China

Model: LBPS

Startup: 2023

Equipment highlights: Asphalt Recycling & Screening

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG Asphalt Recycling & Screening Equipment.Main Components: Recycling Bin, Raw Conveying System, Circular Vibration Screen, Crusher, Re-circulation System, Semi-finished Products Conveying System, High-frequency Screen, Finished Products Conveying System and Control System.Applications: Suitable for asphalt concrete recycling projects or long-path road pavement improvement and maintenance project; utilize recycled asphalt mixture to create social profits and economic profits.High ouput with 3 finished products of 0-5mm, 5-13mm, 13-26.5mm.

Get Parameters

Model LBPS120A LPBPS120B
Structure Conveyor Design and Skip Hopper optional
Handling Capacity 100-120t/h
Total Power 50kw(Conveyor)/55kW(Skip hopper)
Screening Rejected Rate <10%
Input Size ≤50mm
Finished Product Size 0-13, 13-26.5mm 0-5mm, 5-13mm, 13-26.5mm

Technical Advantages

Circular vibrating screen

Double-bearing Wedges Circular Screen, Suitable for sticky recycled asphalt mixture.

Multi-motor probability screen

Adopting high-frequency multi-motor screen, Recycling high economic value particles below 5mm.

Hammer crusher
Hammer crusher

Equipped with crusher during screening, Ensure recycled rate of asphalt.

Fully-automatic Control

Continuous operations with high ouput available.

Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT