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Preview Of NFLG Exhibition



Today, the last day before opening of the Shanghai BAUMA Exhibition. the heavy raining not extinguish the passion of NFLG team, booth building, decoration are going on smoothly and finished as planned.

From October 31st to November 21st, more than 20 days. All marketing and installation tem of NFLG, spared our joint efforts in preparing for the exhibition, the booth is successful completion, all participating machines are in place, reception and conference staff are ready, please look forward to tomorrow's splendid appearance.

NFLG’s 2000 m2 exhibition area divided into indoor and outdoor area, outdoor is the equipment display area, the most representative new equipment of NFLG machine series are displayed in this area, here you can zero distance feeling NFLG equipment.

The China red、mechanical grey、environmental protection green are the color of NFLG booth, build harmonious image fusion technology and environmental protection, the overall shape of minimalist atmosphere, highlighting the "harmonious coexistence" industrial and natural style, the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection, NFLG equipment is very fit, highlighting as technology practitioner and leader of this industry’s technology .

The indoor exhibition area has two floors, the first floor is building construction machinery integrated solutions experience area, industrial service display area, electrical control technology display area and green building materials exhibition area, as well as a intelligent robot demonstration area. The second floor, we prepare an elegant Chinese style reception room and a western style meeting room, for customers communicate with our professional expert technical engineers, according to the actual questions raised by customers, our professional team can reply at any time, and through the sky way can reach to the asphalt mixing equipment tower directly.

Next, through our lens to preview the South Road Machine booth in advance of the style.

Open area:









Indoor area:













Tomorrow, 2016 Shanghai Bauma exhibition will be a grand opening, NFLG outside B40, and we are going to be here.

Shanghai weather information :

Shanghai today, the highest temperature of 20 degrees, the minimum temperature of 16 degrees, the weather overcast with showers or thunderstorms, but also into the rain as the main weather. Rain is expected to continue until Thursday, and Wednesday will be cloudy weather. From 22 to 23 days by the strong cold air in the north, there will be a significant wind cooling process. Remind will arrive in Shanghai to participate in the exhibition friends prepared with warm clothing, umbrellas, prepare for cold.

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