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Bauma Shanghai 2016 NFLG Real-equipment Demonstration Sneak peek



During the Bauma Shanghai exhibition, there will be a number of live demonstrations, including V7 dry sand production machine, Dry mortar mixing equipment micro measuring instrument, Dry Mortar Automatic Packaging System, Foamed asphalt test machine, Vertical-Shaft planetary mixer, allowing you to experience the equipment running closely. The timing of the demonstration is as follows:

10:30\14:30V7-10 dry sand production machine
9:30\11:30\13:30\14:00\15:00Dry mortar mixing equipment micro measuring instrument
9:00-17:00 Every 30minutesDry mortar automatic packaging system,
10:00\11:00\14:00\15:30Foamed asphalt test machine
9:00-17:00 ContinuousVertical-Shaft planetary mixer

1. Dry sand production machine


Equipment Introduction:

GLV7-10 is dry sand production equipment designed to produce high-quality sand and integrated with crushing, shaping and fine sand separation. It is suitable for granite, limestone and other crushed stones from mine blasting, tailings and concrete debris and other construction wastes. NFLG dry sand production equipment effectively breaks through the vertical-shaft crushing (patented), air screening (patented) and other key technologies. It realizes the self-crushing and high-density self-crushing with rotor entering into the crusher to crush, reshap and grind the raw materials so as to effectively improve the particle shape of finished sand and increase the fine aggregate generation due to latest technology with five - hole impact rotor structure and based on the centrifugal crushing method of "stone to stone". Incorporated with air screening technology,  NFLG dry sand production equipment may accomplish the perfect graduation of too large particle size, finished sand and fine sand and maximizes the screening efficiency. And, it may ensure adjustable fineness modulus of finished sand through intelligent control. In addition, taking advantage of offline ash-removal technology, it may effectively control the fine sand content in the finished sand. And it may ensure that the entire system is operating in an airtight vacuum environment, which reflects green, completely environmentally friendly and intelligent value concepts in sand production.

2. Dry Mortar Automatic Packaging System


Equipment Introduction:

NFLG BYF25D Automatic Packaging System. Realize automatic bagging of dry mortar packaging machine and automatic adjustment of pallet height, which can suffice with different specifications of products and different bags dimensions. It applies to cement-based dry powder mortar packaging and paper bag packaging of inner valve port, with package weight limited to 20-30 kg.

3. Foamed asphalt test machine


Equipment Introduction:

NFLG PMLQ10S.0 foamed asphalt test machine, may ensure optimal foaming results based on asphalt foaming technology and developed experimental equipment. Designed with exquisite structure, easy to operate and data memorizing function itself.

4. Vertical-Shaft Planetary Mixer


Equipment Introduction:

NFLG Vertical-Shaft Planetary Mixer equipped with backflow planetary (revolving + reversible rotation) reversible mixing and driven by originally created integrated reversing planetary reducer, with high-efficiency mixing zone. This technology may meet the mixing requirements for different concrete quality characteristic, advanced new mixing ratio and non-conventional aggregates. Suitable for mixing of dry hard, semi dry hard and plastic concrete, mixing of all the concrete with different mix ratios and mortar, as well as mixing and production of special concrete.

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