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Home News First look on Asphalt Mixing Plant from NFLG, Which Will Be Exhibited on Bauma Shanghai 2016.

First look on Asphalt Mixing Plant from NFLG, Which Will Be Exhibited on Bauma Shanghai 2016.



Bauma China 2016 will be opened on 22-25th November on Shanghai New Expo Centre.

At that time, crushing machine, shaping machine, sand-making machine, mixing machine, construction waste processing machine and other new products will be at the show. Near the exhibirtion, the NFLG WeChat public number will release the exhibition information in advance, which will give you a sneak peek.

1)The Exhibits-GLBR3000 Type Recycled Asphalt Mixing Plant at High Proportion.


GLBR3000 type recycled asphalt mixing plant at high proportion is a new generation of green type hot asphalt mixing plant developed by NFLG.

Equipment Highlights:the dryer of NFLG counter flow type recycled asphalt mixing plant has many advantages such as sufficient heat exchange, special recycled system design and the ratio of recycled asphalt in the hot mix can reach 70%. The whole plant can do the asphalt mixing and recycled asphalt mixing. The trolley of finished products is designed bi-directional. What’s more, the plant can not only realize the functions above, but also upgrade the plant to produce foam asphalt and add cold fine aggregate.

2)The Exhibits-PMLQ10S.0 Foam Asphalt Model Machine


PMLQ10S.0 foam asphalt model is a kind of experimental installation, designed to achieve the best foaming effect based on foaming technique.

Equipment Highlights:

a.concise structure: the intensive components are easy to be transported.

b.user-friendly control: the machine adopts PLC intelligent control, realizing one-click control. storage: user can check the test data for its own data storage fuction.



3)The Exhibits-Fine Asphalt Mixture Product Line




Equipment Highlights:fine asphalt mixture product line includes: original asphalt mixing plant, recycled asphalt mixing plant, sand making and shaping plant, recycled material crushing and screening plant, coarse aggregate conveying system. Coarse aggregate conveying system can control the shape and dust of aggregate. Meanwhile, it doesn’t need to use loader by closed automatic aggregate conveying hopper. The concise screening can guarantee the maximum utilization of recycled material and magnify the proportion of recycled material.


The Installation Log:

Today is the first day of installation. According to the safety regulations of NFLG, the security administrator will emphasize the safety matters needing attention before the installation. High spirit of NFLG team has raised the others attention. NFLG will be safe, reliable and stable all the time.





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