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Common Philosophy Lead High-end Nippon and NFLG signed strategic collaboration agreement



On June 11, 2016, Mr. Xing Ronghua, the vice president of Production Supply Chain of Nippon Paint China business unit (hereinafter referred to as “Nippon”), held a friendly meeting with Mr. Fang Qingxi, the chairman of Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as NFLG), discussed deeply on the supply and service of dry mortar mixing equipment, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on it. Mr. Zhong Guoming, the senior manager of Nippon Basic and Accessory Material Manufacture Department, NFLG Market Department Minister Zhou Wei, Dry Mortar Department Director Dong Weiliang as well as Marketing Director Assistant Yang Zengting presented at the ceremony.


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(Cooperation Agreement Completed)


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As the world famous paint manufacturer, Nippon was established in 1881, and now already has a history of more than one hundred years. Nippon entered into China in 1992 and is now the leader of China coating industry. Business scope of Nippon is vast relevant to multiple areas, where the construction paint, vehicle paint, general industrial paint, coiled paints, and powder paints, etc. ranking as top of the industry. Nippon always seeks high technology and high quality as a target, and consistently promotes research and development with technology. In recently years, Nippon constantly expands their markets, newly sets up “Refreshing department” and “Basic and accessory material department”, and begins to transform from paints supply service to whole system coating and decorating supply service, which guarantee Nippon’s leading position and satisfy the demands of society and market to the largest extent.

In year 2013, Nippon started to cooperate with NFLG. Since then NFLG provides full service of dry mortar production equipment for Nippon. NFLG wins Nippon’s acceptance by his dedication to research, specialized and high technology, professional services. In recent years, the cooperation between Nippon and NFLG on dry mortar mixing plant, technical communication, new equipment customization and other aspects is becoming more and more closely. Nippon and NFLG are pioneers in the industry of building materials, home decoration and ready mixed mortar. They both insist on the concept that service is as important as product; natural environment attaches equal importance to business operation; and sustainable development is the pursuit. Same values and similar concept facilitate this strategic cooperation. Nippon, the biggest paint manufacturer in Asia! NFLG, the technology oriented ready mixed mortar equipment manufacturer! The cooperation between Nippon and NFLG can be described as high-level and powerful combination. In future, they will refresh the industry standards in the aspect of new products, technology, concepts and so on, lead the industry and feedback customers with high quality products and services.

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