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Leading via resourceful resource consolidation


--Interview  of China stone and stand association with specially invited guest NFLG Chairman  Fang Qingxi

It's  widely known that NFLG has been consistently staying true to its philosophy—specialization  and perfection. As it goes nothing successful is accidental. Company just goes  as far as its effort to pursue product and service's quality. Taking advantage  of the 3rd meeting, which was held in NFLG, I would like to  represent NFLG’s chairman Fang Qingxi and his sharp insight in the field. 


_x000D_ Chairman received us in his office at third floor, which is located beside technology department. He boasts more than 40years' experience in the field of road machinery. Though wearing grey hair He looked far younger than his age with his energetic and appealing gestures, humorous and thoughtful reply. He told us his story-story about NFLG. He devoted all of his time and energy to his profession and believed that men’s destiny lies in exceeding his/herself.
NFLG was founded by Chairman Fang in 1997year. As time passed it becomes one of leading enterprise in the field of construction machinery. Its product line also expands and now it offers a wide but well integrated products for its customers, including mining, construction material production, waste processing and recycling, aggregate and sand making, cement, dry mortar and asphalt mixing machinery. It also provides customer with customer tailored complex solution. It strives to become leading machinery expert in terms of construction material and application and has made impressive progress. Its operating principle lies in following market demand, attracting best workers, developing technology edge and relentless innovation. Its capacity to convert technology to productivity and market demand to growth opportunity remains an envious asset for any company.

Chairman Fang told us NFLG introduces Korean technology in 1998year to produce asphalt mixture machinery and it presented its first asphalt mixing plant to market in 1999year. In 2001 year NFLG founded Almandesign company in Italy. In 2005year NFLG managed to export first asphalt mixing plant to Europe, where the first asphalt mixing machine was invented.
NFLG is one of the pioneers that entered into dry mortar machinery field. As far as in 2001year, when dry mortar looked like more a fresh concept than a practical product for most of people, Mr Fang, firmly decided to catch the chance , confirming his foresight again and went with Chiness bulk cement association and Beijing cement association to visit Europe to learn and research. Since then NFLG hasintroduced mature technology, absorbed it and improved it and now it becomes one of proud owner of full range technology.
In 2010year, NFLG successfully developed first Chinese modular concrete mixing plant. It cooperated with Italian Simen to develop advanced mixer and entered into joint venture with Terex to found a mobile crusher manufacture company in Quanzhou, which brought new technology and ideas to Chinese crushing machinery field.
In 2010 NFLG introduced Taiwan’s advanced technology and concept of solid waste processing and recycling, employing an expert team of more than 30years’ experience. The step allowed NFLG to offer its customers integrated solution and machinery for its customers that are faced with headache of solid waste.
In2011 year, NFLG negotiated with Japanese Kimco and in 2012year introduced its patented technology, entering into dry sand making field. During this time NFLG also took participation in drafting project of China machinery standard, China domestic trade standard and dry mortar bulk transport silo standard.  

At presents technicians and engineers makes up of more than 30% of NFLG'S staff. Among them more than 20 ones are awarded with advanced engineer certificate. They were awarded with 1 national technology progress prize, 3 province technology progress prize and several city or district technology progress prize. Since 1992year NFLG has secured 34 invention patents and 140 application ones.
When we asked as one of leading enterprise would NFLG offer some advice on how to manufacture first-class stone and sand machinery and adapt to requirements " green, environment protection, innovation and upgrade"  in the field. Mr Fang replied that:
The future competition lies not so much on the machinery itself as in integration of technology and other resources. Only when you swiftlyadapts to relentlessly change of market and technology, step up technology innovation and structure upgrade, will you stay above water and maintain market share under pressure of competitive global opponents. In past years NFLG has been following these principles and pursue a strategy called "technology advance, market leading and brand enhancement". It's firm to maintain and reinforce its status as one of most respected and progressive leader in the field of construction machinery. 

At last when we mentioned about the enterprise and its future development and asked him to give some insight concerning development of aggregate field in 2014year.Mr Fang was touched and sighed, he said nothing lasts forever, he grows old too. And NFLG needs new leader, who would stabilize and reinvigorate it, refresh it and make it more focused, respected and competitive.
2014year, Mr Fang suggested, may turn out watershed moment for the aggregate field. As more and more companies enter into it, it gets fresh blood to develop. And its future should be bright. As government imposes more importance to management and development of mineral and other natural resource. Sand and stone filed would enter into stage of scale, centralize and green development.
The stone and sand field just begins its wonderful travel, as time goes, everything changes, willfully or forced by. No matter how long the road may be, I would persistently follow through on my commitment---Mr Fang was convinced and determined. We should keep going, stay curious, explore and discover and at last we may  figure out who we are. As poetThomas Stearns Eliot writes:
"We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of ourexploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
Copied from China stand and stone association Lin Rongzhen

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