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Fujian bulk cement office director visited NFLG


July,30th,2014year Fujian bulk cement office director Yang Xiaoli paid a visit to NFLG with his colleagues, including vice-director ZhengYacheng, Yu Liangming and Yang Lihua. They planned to do a firsthand field research and were accompanied by Quanzhoucement office director Du Zimou and his colleague Chen Yunzhong.




NFLG Chairman of board Fang Qingxi warmly received them with marketing department director Zhou Wei, marketing manager Li Dunfeng, Liu Kai and Li Rui. They also took participation in their research.




As a pioneer of 15year’s experience, Chairman Fang gave them a detailed report on dry mortar. He discussed with them on how to make high quality dry mortar equipment and how to protect environment. Chairman Fang emphasized that sand, which makes up more than 80% of dry mortar plays crucial role in manufacture, transport and application of later one. So NFLG introduced advanced sand making technology, which is capable to produce first-class sand and its grade, shape and fineness module are all controllable.


   Chairman Fang was convinced that future belongs to high quality sand and stone with environment protection. NFLG’s construction material integrated solution has earned approval and respect of colleagues.
Director Yang attentively listened Fang’s reported and interrupted him from time to time to acquire more details. They appreciated and approved NFLG’s achievement and expressed hope that NFLG would lead field growth in Fujian with his fresh and creative concept.
After meeting the guests also spent some time to visit NFLG’s V7 sand making machine and laboratory. They were impressed by NFLG’s advanced technology and customer centered service and gave a generous appraisal to NFLG.




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