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tyred Crushing and screening equipment was put into exploitation in Xinjiang


Recently Xinjiang welcomed crushing and screening equipment from TEREX-NFLG, which were purchased by QINGHAI mineral company to serve as integrated mineral stone processing production line.


When leaders of the company proposed to purchased iron ore crushing equipment, TEREX-NFLG’S engineers presented them best solution, taking into consideration that location of worksite is situated at 4300m above sea level. The tyred crushing and screening equipment is capable to prevent problems such as failure to start of diesel motor due to deficit of oxygen and poor exploitation rate.


The target material is iron ore, whose grade is 27, bulk density 2.7. And the maximum input dimensions are designed as 550mm, while output 17mm. TEREX-NFLG provides them with one jaw-crusher(prime crushing) , one cone crusher(secondary crushing) and one screening equipment(for returning material), which are intended to crushed iron ore of relative big size to be particle of less than 17mm. The CSW1060J+CSW1000C combination provided by TEREX-NFLG consumes little land area ,while client is exempted from fundament construction and mineral stone circulation since the equipment is fitted with tire instead of track. Client proves out very satisfied. 

CSW1060J’s loading height makes up 4000mm, which ensures client to slash cost and guarantee sufficient supply of material. A small slope is built on side of the CSW1060J, which allows loader to load material to it. 

The equipment combination is fitted with magnetic pulley at outlet belt, which(the pulley) is designated to sort out mineral stone. When the iron ore, which has been reduced to particles of less than 17mm, moves along the magnetic pulley, particles of lower grade is thrown out due to less content of iron, while particles of higher grade are captured by the magnetic pulley, which results in increase of iron ore grade. The processing prevents iron ore of lower grade from entering into miller, reducing production cost. 

The equipment combination takes little land, feeds on electricity and is equipped with mobility possibility, which meets client’s expectation. 

The cone crusher provided by TEREX-NFLG is of highest quality. 5mm particles after crushing by it could make up 25-30%. It’s acknowledged that the less grinding, the better, because generally miller consumes lots of electricity. So the finer end particles are, the more profit the equipment generates for clients.

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