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NFLG:Conformation of asphalt mixing plant


  ccmNowthe present conditions of asphalt mixing plant in China And your advantages
FangKai: At present, in the asphalt mixing plant industry, foreign brands and a few domestic brands have been "enjoying popular support," and formed a brand effect, which has more obvious advantages to other companies and formed barriers. At the same time, facing of the using limitations and similar technology of domestic asphalt concrete mixing plant, product reliability, price has become the key issue.
Why did NFLG prolong the time of Warranty Services to three years?
It reflects the quality and reliability of asphalt mixing equipment of NFLG and also our power and confidence, expressing the service concept "care equipment, satisfy customers".

Why to two years
For the reliability needs of products from customers.
Please introduce the detail information.
Regular maintenance from service centers, in accordance with the "maintenance manual", providing mandatory maintenance and day-to-day maintenance of the various models of asphalt mixing plant to customers, and product warranty period is extended to two years. At the same time, NFLG committed to all users: in the Three Guarantees period, we provide 24-hour service, the remote provinces and cities, 48-hour service. In addition, we also organized a number of specialized professional after-sales service group.

ccmWhat can bring to the customers in the measure?

 FangKaiThree Guarantees is a year and ended as the construction started on the site. Now, we will extend the period of Three Guarantees to two years, customers can still get od after-sales service guarantee after the manufacture. It reduces the cost of customers and greatly enhance investment rate.

The extension means much more costs
This does not mean more resources and cost. The cost on asphalt mixing equipment depends entirely on the quality, reliability and stability. Through tireless independent innovation, the introduction of European advanced manufacturing technology, at present, stability, reliability and performance of the asphalt mixing plant of NFLG has reached the European standard. Therefore, the costs of Three Guarantees service are not increased.

What effects do you think it will bring?

FangKaiThree in active(1) Marketing depends on quality, (2) competition lies in comprehensive strength, (3) industry order.

ccmIn the future, will it be the service decides values?

FangKai Mixing equipment different from other engineering machinery, needs relocation, transformation re-installation, commissioning, and these   required the participation of the after-sales service group, therefore, services have been an important part for obtaining values.

After the extension, will NFLG do the service or the agents do instead?

FangKaiAfter the three Guarantees extension, NFLG is responsible for the asphalt mixing equipment services. At the same time, in order to ensure the services efficiency, agent also implements after-sales service throughout the country offices. The whole supervision and monitoring service system acts through national reunification free after-sales service hotline, 4008877788, a full range of information system platform, the internal-controlled information networks and sales service personnel. Users, after-sale service groups throughout the various offices, agents, etc can put the latest information of the quality of equipment, installation, service and other issues on the web, thus provide more Detailed and effective services. This ensures that we are able to promptly resolve and improve customers’ feedback. At the same time, companies can also get the first-hand information and timely has an effective control
Recently, NFLG has t great improvement on technical innovation and what effects can it bring to the service?

FangKaiThe two are complementary to each other. On the one hand, our customers are the main force for our innovation. We understand customer's needs through after-sales service and learn from them based on practical transformation and the feedback on the basis of enhanced promotion. On the other hand, we provide the latest innovations to our customers through after-sales service,  to upgrade the equipment, provide value-added services, thereby improving their efficiency.

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