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NFLG Service March in Russia: The Engineers Said...


Taking user value as consideration and measuring service with steps, NFLG "Quality in Thousands of Miles-in Russia" service visit team rolled out of China and shortened the service distance for customers. Thus accelerated the service technology update for after-sales system.



We answered questions by each individual with 100% patience

According to Zhang Yongxin, director of the Optimization Office of NFLG Asphalt Business Department, a total of 24 customer sites were visited, covering more than 40 sets of equipment.



Whether service engineers were dealing with NFLG equipment or other brands of equipment, the service team has shown extremely professional technical qualities, carefully inspected each equipment, done a numerous amount of job in risk investigation, patiently answered operators’ questions, and warmly guided them to carry out routine maintenance of equipment.


We did out best to provide overall training courses

The service visit and training were conducted simultaneously. Each problem was basically handled through practical training. Said Zhang Yongxin, Director of the Optimization Office of NFLG Asphalt Business Division.



At the site, the NFLG Service Team inspected and maintained the equipment while explaining it to operators. From material level meter calibration, resistance measurement, air compressor settings, air direction settings to burner ignition and other practical operations, every detail was implemented without hesitation. For complex and key content, the service team recorded videos so that operators can continue to learn and improve their skills even afterwards. A recorded video will also be helpful for further new staff training if any.


We care about each detail like customers do.

NFLG Service Engineer

Sun Hongfei

The technical director speaks highly of NFLG equipment. Regardless of my young age, they always raise questions whenever there is any and said study is endless. To our team it is also the same we shall keep studying and keeping up with the advanced technology.



In the vast land of Russia, facing numerous equipment in different regions and working conditions, the NFLG Service team has a deeper understanding of the large temperature differences, production operation habits, user standard requirements, etc. This helps us strengthen work prediction, further improve the pertinence of product and business R&D, and the effectiveness of overall services.


Wan Jiayan, Overseas Sales Representative

By visiting customers on-site and listening to their demands, we assist our agents to better serve customers and improve user-friendly experience.



We appreciate all efforts they make


We are very satisfied with the performance of the equipment and the after-sales service. NFLG has rich experience in equipment R&D and production and strong service capabilities, which can help us perform equipment commissioning and maintenance better and faster, and also gives us the opportunity to learn in depth.

The NFLG service team strictly implements the return visit requirements, earnestly fulfills its responsibilities and truly relieves customers' difficulties. The users' satisfied smiles and heartfelt affirmations brought a successful conclusion to NFLG "Quality in Thousands of Miles-in Russia", and also verified the authenticity and sincerity of NFLG "Gold Medal Butler 7-Star Service" promise.



Comparing with most "Belt and Road" co-building countries, China's technological level and service level have certain advantages. As one of the leading suppliers, NFLG technological innovation capabilities and gold medal property management services have been widely recognized. Riding on the east wind of “Belt and Road”, NFLG overall solutions and equipment will go further and deeper. In the future, NFLG will continue to work with global agents to return our customers with better, more comprehensive, and more in-depth and detailed after-sales visits to help them achieve long-term value growth.

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