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NFLG Leading the World on Asphalt Mixing


   Huicong Web interview Mr. Giorgio Sartori

    As the development of the road building, the asphalt technology has turned a new leaf and asphalt mixing plant play the most important role. Domestic technology lag behind the European asphalt mixing technology, thus to make up the gap, the domestic manufacturers have a al to strive for.


European technical experts Mr. Giorgio Sartori , was hired as NFLG's technical adviser, was awarded with National Friendship Award for his outstanding contributions and met by the Premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao.


Experts gain “National Friendship Award” met by Premier Wen Jiabao

Mr. Giorgio Sartori and the National experts

    HuicongCongratulations for you gaining National Friendship Award, what is the Beijing leave the impression for you?

Mr. Giorgio Sartori It is the first time for my wife to China, and I came here five years a. I am surprised by the great changes here in recent years. Chinese people are friendly and warm, working environment is very harmonious, and I love China.


    HuicongDo you want to something about the awards?

Mr. Giorgio SartoriBeyond my expecting. Because it is for persons with outstanding contributions on economic, cultural and other aspects. I am really surprised that the Chinese vernment gives me such a high honor and I feel very happy and I am very grateful to the Chinese vernment.


Mr. Giorgio Sartori

   HuicongWhat do you think of the Chinese road building?

    Mr. Giorgio SartoriIn the first time I came to China, roads are paved with asphalt, it is not smooth, are expecting improving. Road building directly related to the economic development and urban construction. There is an old saying in China: "no road, no development", particularly economic and trade development.


 I focus my research on asphalt mixing technology and t great success. When I first came to China, I saw some asphalt plants and found problems, so I decide to stay in China and do my contributions.

   Quality is the best and most important for asphalt mixing plant.

       HuicongPlease give a brief introduction to structure and technology improvement in NFLG.

Mr. Giorgio SartoriFour aspects are improved

  First, the burner. Filtration is the main problem, and we must concentrate on avoiding pollution and keep the plant running. If there is too much dust in the dryer system, the channel will be stuck.

   Second, the mixing tower or plant. We spent 6 months on the research and practice and in the end find a od way to improve the whole system.

Third, the recycling rate. Asphalt plants are very expensive in Europe and during the burning, oil is wasted and in the wasted asphalt, many useful components can be recycled and the technology is not difficult. Considering the energy short in China, we research on the technology and increase the recycling rate.   

Fourth, problems during drying.  This is our patent. During the combustion process, high temperature is a hazard for the equipment; we use the radiation to do the indirect combustion, which is of high efficiency, low energy-consumption and less dust. it is not inferior to the European advanced technology.


International Friendship Awards

    HuicongHow about the cooperation between you and NFLG?

    Mr. Giorgio SartoriGreat, though we still have some language communication problems but the technical persons in NFLG are of great passion.


    HuicongLast year, the asphalt plant was exported to Europe and how do you think of the quality of the machine?

    Mr. Giorgio SartoriIt is not needed for Europe to imported asphalt plant but NFLG made the right choice and show the technology of Made in China.   East Europe still have great market, if only NFLG have high-quality products and great after-sale service.

     HuicongAnd the development of NFLG on asphalt plants in the future

    Mr. Giorgio SartoriThe total technology is not high in China and NFLG has high position and I expect she can export another one to Europe next time.

    HuicongAnd the international market

Mr. Giorgio SartoriTechnology of NFLG has been close to the world advance, it should be of high international market. However, export enterprises need to note that the exported products should be of high quality, or else, it can have negative impact on them.


    HuicongThank you for your time.

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