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NFLG Five-in-one Material Total Solution shines in Guangzhou Int\'l Aggregates Technology and Equipment Expo!


On December 6, the 7th Guangzhou Int'l Aggregates Technology and Equipment Expo came to a successful conclusion. As an annual event of sand and gravel industry, the exhibitors from China and abroad were full of enthusiasm. Industry professionals gathered and NFLG was also invited to the exhibition. Under the new normal of economic development, carbon neutrality has become the hot spot of development in the field of building materials nowadays. With the continuous promotion of infrastructure construction, it further drives the optimization of sand and gravel industry.



The theme of Guangzhou Sand & Gravel Exhibition is "Innovation for Progress, Ecology for Development". There were more than 200 exhibitors from China and abroad, and the number of visitors reached 30,000. The exhibits covered the whole process of ore mining, shoveling, crushing, shaping, screening, waste water treatment and other mining processing equipment and supporting parts. Exhibitors from China and abroad with new technologies, new ideas and new products made their new appearance, competing on the same stage and making a splash.



With the huge changes of crushing equipment industry pattern, the demand for complete sets of sand and gravel production equipment is becoming more and more obvious in the market. At the same time, new market demand for special crushing equipment such as mining and construction waste crushing equipment has increased. Specialized crushing equipment such as stationary crushing equipment takes center stage and is favored by customers.





As an important participant of the exhibition, NFLG responded to the market demand and brought the five-in-one material total solution to the exhibition, which attracted a large number of customers and industry media. During the 3-day exhibition, NFLG's booth was full of interactions. The five-in-one total solution has retained visitors' footsteps. The fun gift-giving activities brought each other closer and laid a good foundation for further cooperation.



It is worth mentioning that in this year's Guangzhou Int'l Aggregates Technology and Equipment Expo, NFLG, in order to make up for the regret that some visitors could not attend the show in person, through live streaming, allowing more visitors to watch the show on line. VR panoramic technology was used on site to build a multi-directional NFLG factory live, so that exhibitors can experience NFLG's unique corporate culture and craftsmanship spirit.



In addition, we invited guests to answer questions for audiences during live streaming, and answered a series of questions raised by audiences one by one, building a more efficient communication platform for customers from China and abroad.



As early as 2010, NFLG strategically shifted its research perspective to the field of aggregate crushing, screening, shaping and sand making. By cooperating with an overseas company to solve the problem of fine aggregate processing, NFLG developed and manufactured V7 series sand making equipment. At the same time, NFLG introduced international advanced raw and recycled material processing technology, combined with domestic raw material characteristics and production and processing needs to continuously develop and innovate, and fully practice improvement, which has won the recognition of a number of customers.


Promote environmental protection and low carbon in sand and gravel industry, and lead the high quality development of the industry.  In the future, NFLG will adhere to high standards, provide more customers with five-in-one total solution for material processing, help users achieve a double success in economic and social benefits, promote the industry's low-carbon transformation and achieve high-quality development.

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