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NFLG has a fruitful performance at bauma CTT in Russia


The 21st Russian International Trade Fair for Construction Equipment and Technologies (bauma CTT RUSSIA 2021) came to a successful conclusion on May 28, 2021 at CRUCOS, the largest exhibition center in Moscow, Russia.

Although bauma CTT 2020 was postponed to this year due to the COVID, the exhibition is still the only two largest construction machinery trade fair held on site after bauma CHINA, and the official customer statistics are basically the same as in 2019, which is the best example of the enthusiasm and strong market demand for construction machinery in Russia. A total of 339 exhibitors participated in bauma CTT RUSSIA 2021, including 74 international exhibitors such as Germany, Finland and Turkey. NFLG Russia team exhibited as the Russian exhibition team and successfully completed this four-day journey to bauma CTT.

The largest exhibition in the past years



This year, NFLG team exhibited the whole series of asphalt, commercial mix, dry mix and other engineering mixing products at Bauma CTT with a large 112 square meters special booth, and at the same time, the team also sent nearly 20 conference personnel to serve the exhibitors, and received more than 5000 customers. The booth area and the number of customers received, conference staff and intended orders were the highest ever.

Highest customer participation on site



NFLG booth occupied the center of the exhibition hall. For maximum attention, NFLG also organized a variety of on-site customer interaction forms, including live Chinese song playing and singing performance, on-site audience lottery session, and also real-time webcast. It not only enlivened the atmosphere of the exhibition, but also increased the participation and stay rate of customers in the booth, and at the same time, well promoted Chinese culture.

The deepest technical leadership




On the second day of the exhibition, NFLG organized a forum on "Innovative solutions in the field of large scale road construction equipment". During the forum, NFLG team fully introduced NFLG's already very mature solutions for large asphalt mixing plants in China, with profound technical guidance and popularization of concepts for professional customers in the budding asphalt market in Russia.  It provided customers with their own professional options for the future direction of equipment selection.

The highest honor


One of the highlights of bauma CTT RUSSIA will be the presentation of the "Russian Construction Equipment Innovation Award" on the second day of the exhibition. The awards, which was presented starting in 2019, honor technological innovation in ten categories. Nominees for 2021 include manufacturers BOMAG, CATERPILLAR, Impulse, John Deere, JSC, Liebherr, MAN, SEM, Tradicia-K, UMG, Volvo, and ZZBO, among other international and domestic suppliers. In the end, NFLG won the top prize of the "Russian Construction Equipment Innovation Award" with the pioneer 4500, which is the highest recognition of NFLG asphalt plant technology in the Russian market.

The 4-day bauma CTT RUSSIA 2021 came to an end. The hard work of NFLG Russia team for the exhibition finally reaped the enthusiasm of customers, demand for orders, and the highest honor of the organizing committee awards. As Mr. Luo Xiang said: all awards are like flowers and plants, the flowers and plants will eventually wither. When getting the award, it has become a past tense. Therefore, after the awards and honors, the most important thing for NFLG is to go to the next journey with customers with higher requirements, and truly practice the NFLG value of "be specialized, be fine, be long and be good" in this land of Russia. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the next bauma CTT RUSSIA meeting.

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