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Home News NFLG\'s services have never been inadequate in the Russian market over the years!

NFLG's services have never been inadequate in the Russian market over the years!


In recent years, Russia has been the core market of NFLG'ss overseas layout with remarkable achievements. In the past nearly 20 years, NFLG has accumulated sales of more than 120 sets of equipment in the pan-Russian economic belt, achieving the coverage of NFLG'ss full product category.

Such excellent results are not only due to NFLG'ss intelligent design concept and craftsmanship manufacturing, but also because of NFLG'ss core value as a service provider in the whole field of engineering mixing: the practice of the whole life cycle service concept in Russia.

In the overseas market, NFLG always insists on the concept of service above all, and practices organic and cross cooperation between headquarters and localization to ensure the efficient transformation of service technology and effectively solve the many pain points that arise when customers's projects are on the ground.

Service perseverance in the case of COVID , -20℃ and foreign country

NFLG always pays attention to the timeliness and technical feasibility of customer service in the installation service of equipment. The company and its excellent senior service engineers are dispatched to the project to participate in the whole installation service process, ensuring the accuracy of the installation service and greatly enhancing customer satisfaction.
During the epidemic COVID, NFLG'ss overseas service engineers persevered under the bad weather of -20 degrees Celsius, overcame the psychological attachment of being in a foreign country during the Spring Festival, and completed all the installation services according to the quality and quantity, and won the high praise from the customers.



Installation engineer'ss installation screen


Thank you letter from customer

In addition to the regular installation service, NFLG sends a service team consisting of product managers, sales managers and service engineers to visit Russian equipment sites in the second half of each year. During the visit, the team solves the practical problems in the operation of customers's equipment and listens to the new needs of customers in the process of use. The feedback from customers and the experience of using the equipment is one of the important relies for NFLG to improve the technology, and also prompt NFLG to continuously refine and summarize, and continuously implement the real needs of the front-line users in the products and services, with the concept of customization, localization and intelligence, to show the unique charm of Made in China.
In addition, NFLG has been harvesting the appreciation from customers, which also inspires us to keep seeking on the road of being specialized and innovative.




Technical Training and Advocacy Services

In the Russian market, NFLG has been trying to further explore and upgrade its services. In addition to the traditional installation, after-sales and maintenance services, NFLG is actively exploring new models by using the platform of NFLG Mixing Academy, combined with the actual situation in Russia, to train professional technical operators for overseas customers and lead them to gradually realize the technical transformation.

In addition, NFLG also regularly holds webinars and offline seminars for customers to introduce the current industry'ss cutting-edge technology, to jointly exchange experience in the use of NFLG's various products, to discuss the practical experience of equipment maintenance and application, etc., which has been highly recognized by customers.



As a service provider for many years, NFLG always believes that service is the key glue of customer relationship, the source of long life cycle energy of equipment, and an important part of secondary transformation. NFLG has always focused on the whole life cycle service concept of product service first, product service together. Through the cross-collaboration of headquarters and localization, NFLG has always maintained precise collaboration and efficient service to customers, which fundamentally solves the common concerns of customers about timeliness and after-sales service when selling overseas.


It can be said that the success of the whole life cycle service is the fundamental guarantee for NFLG to open up the market in Russia and continue to be a big hit. With years of perseverance in technology and comprehensive innovation in service, NFLG has been fruitful in the pan-Russian economic zone market. We believe that in the coming time, NFLG will continue to give back the trust and support of new and old customers with excellent product quality and good after-sales service!

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