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Create long-term value for customers' overall solution for green building materials is applied to Fujiang Commercial Concrete


Zigong Fujiang Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fujiang Commercial Concrete") is an enterprise that specializes in concrete products. The company is located in Fushun Industrial Park, Fushun County, Sichuan, and has the third-level qualification for professional contracting of ready-mixed commercial concrete. For a long time, Fujiang Commercial Concrete has always adhered to the principle of "customer-oriented, honesty first" and has established good cooperative relations with many outstanding enterprises.


Stable and efficient, always trust

Fujiang Commercial Concrete and NFLG have cooperated in various fields such as business linkage, marketing, industry promotion, product research, etc., to realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, and jointly promote the extension and development of products and services of both parties, and create NFLG’s Model of Southwest Regional Cooperation.


In the long-term business development, Fujiang Commercial Concrete has established a close and harmonious cooperative relationship with NFLG. In the words of Fujiang Commercial Concrete General Manager Mr. Liao, “NFLG always our first choice when purchasing equipment. As you can see, all the equipment in the factory area basically uses NFLG."


At present, Fujiang Concrete Company has two sets of HZS180 ordinary commercial concrete mixing equipment of NFLG, one set of NFLG FBT3000 dry-mixed mortar mixing equipment, and one set of NFLG V7-100 dry machine-made sand equipment.

Among them, the HZS180 commercial mixing station of NFLG is equipped with a large stockyard, which uses belt conveyors to reduce noise. Dust can also be effectively controlled, saving labor and loader costs, meeting the requirements of modern environmentally friendly mixing plants, and high efficiency and energy saving.

In many years of operation, NFLG HZS180 mixing station has stable production and accurate measurement. Regional service and maintenance personnel can respond at any time to solve various problems in actual production in a timely manner. Professional engineers provide online technical support and provide course training for operators. These have left a good impression on customers.


In addition to the full encapsulation of the mixing main building and stockyard, high-performance pulse dust collectors are installed at various dust-raising points such as the belt conveyor and the connection of the flat and inclined belts to the transition silo of the main building. The powerful dust removal and dust collection function enables effective control of the dust emission of the mixing station.

The commercial mixing station adopts the patented double ribbon mixing main engine of NFLG, which saves 15% of mixing time and 20% of energy. The dual-computer synchronous control system realizes remote service and ensures the continuous production process.

Extend the industrial chain and expand the production capacity of sand and gravel aggregates

With the continuous advancement of supply-side structural reforms, environmental protection policies have been tightened day by day, the construction of new large-scale mechanism sand aggregate production lines and the government’s continuous closure and elimination of outdated sand mining enterprises are rapidly changing the traditional sand aggregate business Ecology and market rules. In addition, the price of upstream raw materials in the sand and gravel aggregate industry has risen, which has led to "gravel shortage" in many areas. Under this trend, Fujiang Commercial Concrete has entered the sand and gravel aggregate market. With its own advantages, it extends the industrial chain, expands the production capacity of sand and gravel aggregates, and creates more profitability.


Undoubtedly, NFLG V7 dry sand making equipment has become the first choice of Fujiang Commercial Concrete. After several on-site sampling experiments in the sand and gravel aggregate laboratory of NFLG, the machine-made sand produced by NFLG equipment has continuous particle grading, stable and adjustable fineness modulus, controllable stone powder content, and a natural grain shape. The sand production rate is between 73.2% and 83%, and the sand production rate is ideal. It is used to configure concrete and dry-mix mortar with high production efficiency.


NFLG V7 dry sand making equipment effectively breaks through key technologies such as vertical shaft crushing and air screening. It adopts a five-hole impact rotor structure and is based on the centrifugal crushing method of "stone-on-rock". The raw materials entering the crusher are crushed through the rotor, Shaping and grinding, realize self-generating crushing and high-density self-generating crushing, effectively improve the particle shape of the finished sand and increase the generation of fine aggregates, and realize the value concept of green sand making, environmental protection and intelligence.

Innovative R&D based on local conditions

Sichuan is dominated by basin topography, with low terrain and high basin temperature. Condensation during the heat dissipation process makes water vapor easy to accumulate, resulting in continuous precipitation or heavy fog. Therefore, when Fujiang commercial concrete encounters continuous rainfall, there are often sand and gravel gaps that cause production to stop. In order to solve this problem, with the technical support of NFLG, Fujiang Commercial Concrete modified the V7 dry sand making equipment feeding silo: independent research and development and transformation of a simple static drying silo effectively ensured the continuity of production. Greatly enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the company.


After solving the problems of sand and gravel production and storage according to local conditions, the production of dry-mixed mortar is a matter of course. For the FBT3000 tower dry-mixed mortar production line introduced by Fujiang Commercial Concrete, the finished sand is conveyed to the top-level grading screening through a sealed belt conveyor and a high-efficiency plate chain hoist, realizing the screening of the fine-graded sand. At the same time, the screening and conveying adopts a pulse dust removal system to ensure that the dust emission meets the standard. The finished sand in the finished sand tank is measured by a weighing scale.


In addition, the sand metering system is equipped with coarse and fine material metering to ensure the accuracy of the formula. The additive storage bin is equipped with a dust removal system, which can effectively reduce the loss of additive and protect personal health. The anti-segregation pipeline built in the finished mortar tank can prevent the segregation of the finished mortar.


Through the organic combination of NFLG’s sand production technology and commercial mixing and dry mixing projects, Fujiang Commercial Concrete has built an intensive industry of green building materials from aggregate processing to the production of mixed products, alleviating the shortage of natural sand resources and effectively, It protects the ecological environment and seizes early opportunities in the transformed green ecological building materials industry market, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company.

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