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Home News bauma CHINA 2020 Construction Waste Processing Equipment of NFLG Exhibits (3)

bauma CHINA 2020 Construction Waste Processing Equipment of NFLG Exhibits (3)



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From November 24 to 27, bauma CHINA 2020 (Shanghai bauma Engineering Machinery Exhibition) will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. NFLG will bring a full range of products in the field of engineering mixing; equipment on-site live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and mixing academy research and development results, and many other new products will be unveiled. As the exhibition is approaching, NFLG will show you the exhibition in advance.

Mixing granulator ZL1500


Scope of application

Construction waste soil, construction engineering waste mud, agricultural materials (nursery soil, gardening soil, organic fertilizer, compost), soil improvement, etc.

Equipment highlights

Designed with swinging blades, completely mixed with materials and additives;

The blade and rotor are driven separately, and the rotation direction and speed can be set according to different materials and purposes;

Multi-stage high-speed rotating blade structure design, more uniform mixing, better granulation effect.

Main parameters

Feed volume:1500L(feed volume varies by material)

Installed power:120kW


Light material air sorting equipment QZF1600B1


Scope of application

Light material sorting of construction waste and decoration waste, and other occasions for dry air sorting according to the specific gravity of materials.

Equipment highlights

High efficiency, four materials can be separated according to category;

Excellent performance and large capacity;

Multi-layer abrasion protection;

Recycling wind utilization, environmental protection and no dust;

Functional modular design;

Wide application and multiple adjustment functions.

Main parameters

Installed power:50kW

Processing capacity:250~300t/h

Maximum air volume:12000m³/h

Bounce screen BS50


Scope of application

Used in industrial waste, construction and decoration waste, domestic solid waste, waste-derived fuel and other waste sorting and waste paper recycling.

Equipment highlights

Replace labor, environmentally friendly;

The raw materials are divided into three - dimensional materials, plane materials and construction waste soil particles;

Sieve plate step movement, auxiliary air sorting, sorting efficiency is high;

According to different production capacity, the number of sieve plates can be increased or decreased appropriately;

The hydraulic cylinder adjust the sieve plate angle, adjust the sorting efficiency, to adapt to different raw materials.

Main parameters


Installed power:18.5kW×2

Main fan:6000m³/h

Auxiliary fan:3000m³/h

Dust collector fan:12000m³/h

Installation log

Today, there are still 6 days before the launch of bauma CHINA 2020. The Booth of NFLG is under construction. You can see that the staff are busy "dressing up" the outer wall of the exhibition hall. Let's look forward to the full-dress appearance of the exhibition hall of NFLG on the morning of 24th.


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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT