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NFLG Mobile crushing and screening equipment return visit (Shandong)


After the New Year’s Day of 2018, the return visit team of mobile crushing and screening headed to the next stop Shandong after visiting Henan. Our team got deep into the key demand market of mobile crushing and screening equipment. Meanwhile, we have had face to face communications with remaining users, helped them solve problems and optimize the production process on the spot and we practiced our concept into the construction sites of our clients, which is upgrading the service level, sublimate the service quality.


In Shandong Qingdao, during when the NFLG technology marketing service team visit the old users of our mobile crushing and screening equipment, the owners claimed that they strongly felt the prudent attitude to the mobile crushing industry from the working styles of the whole return visit team. They also said that the technician was not just looking around but they do stepped into construction site, helped us inspect the equipment, introduce the main point of maintenance in detail and make sure that the equipment works steadily and correctly.



The premise of upgrading the services is based on the real good quality of NFLG’s mobile crushing and screening product. Internationalized product technology and localized follow-up services is the magic weapon for NFLG to get into the mobile crushing and screening market. When talking about the quality, the Qingdao users mentioned that they are convinced by our equipment from the working status of it on the spot, and they also said that they can apparently feel our equipment’s advantages compared to other manufacturers.



Getting deep into the construction site to have in-depth visit, getting knowledge of clients’ production demand, having face to face communication and training the users step by step, the service team of mobile crushing and screening equipment has established the stable foundation of marching into the mobile crushing and screening market from the front-end to the back-end which contains design and fabrication, installation services and closed-loop industrial services. The choice of target market always is the final sign which indicates whether the product is good or not. NFLG will resolutely adhere to the internationalized technique services of products and localized marketing service strategy, and continuously create value for our end-users.



NFLG is always committed to provide complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales worry-free services for our clients, totally concentrating on creating distinguished service brand for the users. With the arrival of year 2018, the return visit will continue to carry on from Central China to Lunan area which is aim to delivery the service promise of NFLG to our terminal market users. NFLG will continue to focus on the strategic positioning which is to value the products as much as services, delivery the service promise and attitude to the whole market of NFLG’s mobile crushing and screening products, and offer efficient, professional and comprehensive service experience to our clients.

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