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Workshop Lounge Management System


The company set up lounge in the workshop for the staff to relax. It is equipped with od facilities, like sofa, coffee table, refrigerator, microwave oven, hot water machine, and all kinds of food and drinks. In order to maintain the normal operation of lounge and protect the interests of employee, a special system is set up:

一、All things in the lounge belong to the company, and everyone should cherish them, if not, whoever break the rules should be punished.
二、Workshop manager should manage the lounge, his responsibility as follows:
Management and supervision of the safe use of lounge facilities and timely troubleshooting;
Designate sanitation staff to clean the lounge;
Train, guide staff to use electrical appliances properly;
Hand over those who damage the public equipment to the Human Resources Department;
5Check on the consumption of food and beverages, do additional statistics and announce Human Resources Department to deduct fees from their salaries according to their consumption data.

三、All persons should learn the proper use of electrical appliances (including microwave ovens and computers, etc.), relevant persons should be responsible for damages caused by improper use.
四、Food and beverages in the refrigerators are sold to the staff in purchasing price; Employees can get the food by themselves, and conscientiously register the consumption data on the computer. For those who consume but not consciously register, the company will give severe punishment.

五、Any useful recommendations od for the lounge can be fed back to Human Resources Department, and be put in force after the examination and verification of company leaders.
六、Since the day of the announcement of this system, it es into effect.

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