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Foamed Asphalt Equipment

Foamed Asphalt Equipment

Location: China

Model: PLQ2000+PLQ3000+PLQ4000+PLQ5000

Startup: 2020

Equipment highlights: There is no obvious asphalt fume in production, CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 20%, and energy consumption can be reduced by about 30%.

Introduction& Advantages

Foam asphalt warm mixing equipment is a self-developed domestic equipment by NFLG on the basis of fully absorbing the advanced technologies in the same industry from domestic and aboard. Combined with the structure and performance characteristics of asphalt mixing stations, it can achieve lower temperature mixing and construction, reducing pollution emissions. The equipment has significant advantages in construction projects such as urban roads, during low-temperature seasons, long tunnels and thin overlaying.

Get Parameters

Matched modeltype 2000type 3000type 4000type 5000
Foaming output10 L/s15 L/s20 L/s20 L/s
Installed power(kW)15222525

Technical Advantages

Electrical control system

simple operation and excellent control

The intelligent control system strictly controls the water spray and the formation of foam, and the display shows the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of water to ensure the stability of the finished product quality. The warm mixing and hot mixing can be seamlessly switched through the control system, and the production efficiency is high.

Foaming water module

patent authorization, high quality of finished products

Special waterway control to prevent the influx of asphalt, and no moisture remains in the finished material, which is easier to control the quality of foamed asphalt mixture.

Intelligent control system

multiple guarantees without downtime, remote service is more convenient

Equipped with a self-developed dual computer synchronous production management control system and a patented drying drum failure early warning system, multiple guarantees the stable operation of the equipment, reducing the chance of downtime due to computer failure. The data is updated in real time, and the remote service is simpler and more convenient.

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