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development history


Incubation period

From 1997-2000, focusing on mixing, NFLG has sprung up from nothing to be China national brand in the mixing field.

Since its establishment, NFLG has been aiming at good quality and excellent service and adhering to the attitude of focus and refinement; accumulation and improvement make profession and specialization through innovation, refinement and foresight.


Stages in germination

Thought reforms in the mixing field from mixing equipment to aggregate research-----those who get sand get the world.

As the proverb goes:” you can’t make bricks without straw”. There is no high-quality aggregates, there is no high-end mixing equipment.

With a breakthrough in concept, NFLG strategically shifted its research perspective to the fields of aggregate crushing, sieving, shaping, and sand making on its profound expertise in the field of mixing.


Growth period

NFLG keeps passionate and advances forward all the way from technical pioneers to practitioners of social responsibility.

NFLG has been exploring and moving forward to achieve sustainable development and save resources for society all the time.


Breakthrough period

From equipment manufacturers to supplier and service provider of overall solutions, NFLG never slows paces no matter what setbacks facing it.

Through more than 20 years arduous efforts, NFLG formally established the whole product chain from aggregate crushing, sieving, shaping, sand making, various aggregate mixing and the recycling of construction waste, developing into a supplier and service provider of overall solutions in the mixing field.

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