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Introduction of NFLG intermittent asphalt mixing plant


As a mature asphalt mixing plant market and increasingly professional customers, price is no longer the only factor in purchasing an asphalt mixing plant, people pay more and more attention to its operating costs.

NFLG's unique dust removal system design optimizes the recovery powder system and exhaust gas recovery lines, which reduces the energy loss due to overheating of the aggregates; high efficiency burners, drying drums, etc. All of these designs reduce the customer's operating costs to a minimum, but ensure high reliability, capacity and good quality of the asphalt mix.

The modular design of the entire asphalt mixing plant significantly reduces the installation time, which saves manpower and financial resources when transferring the plant and maximizes the customer's profit.


Asphalt Mixing Plant



High Reliability

For engineering companies building municipal roads and highways, high reliability and low failure rates are important.

NFLG asphalt mixing plants have more than 25 years of successful experience worldwide and feedback from customers: NFLG asphalt mixing plants are highly reliable, each component is well matched, and the hardware and software are perfectly matched to ensure high attendance and stable capacity, thus reducing repair and maintenance costs.


Good asphalt mix quality

Asphalt mix quality is the last dimension of an asphalt mixing plant and one of the most important ones.

NFLG's advanced and proven metering technologies include: aggregate metering technology and asphalt high precision metering technology to ensure good gradation.

The design of the mixing bowl should take into account the need to mix the mixture in the shortest possible time; NFLG's mixing bowl technology not only meets this requirement, but is also well matched with other key components such as vibrating screens and drying drums, so that the whole plant can achieve consistently high productivity and good asphalt mix quality.


High capacity and efficiency

The proven design of the NFLG asphalt mixing plant allows the installed power to be designed in such a way that it is not too high to waste energy or too low to overload the plant.

From the aggregate transfer belt, drying drum, hot elevator, screening system to the mixing bowl, there is no limit to the capacity of each process, all of which are designed to maintain NFLG's reputation for high efficiency and productivity in the marketplace.


Recycling Solutions

The production of recycled asphalt is not only to meet the requirements of local authorities, but also to bring more benefits to the users of asphalt mixing plants; it helps to generate more profits and hidden profits in terms of environmental protection.

NFLG has a wide range of solutions and experience for asphalt recycling. Depending on the customer's needs and their actual application, we can recommend the best solution, where high recycling rates and good quality control of the asphalt mix are essential.


High environmental friendliness

Green design is ingrained in NFLG's design philosophy to ensure sustainable and healthy development in harmony with the environment; every detail of NFLG's design is focused on minimizing or even eliminating emissions from the production of asphalt mixing plants, which can be applied to a wide range of customer applications.

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