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Working Principle and Crushing Process of Mobile Cone Crusher


Mobile crushers can be combined with different processing configurations to suit the production needs of different users. The main types of mobile crushing plant are cone mobile crushing plant, jaw mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crushing plant, hammer mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crushing plant, etc. Cone mobile crushing plant is a powerful combination of cone crusher and mobile crusher, and this article will introduce its working principle and crushing process.

The working process of mobile cone crusher

Mobile cone crusher is suitable for processing various hard materials, such as limestone, limestone, granite, river pebble, limestone, basalt and so on. It can be used with different series of cone crushers for different materials with high applicability and high production efficiency.

When the mobile cone crusher works, the stone matching with the feed size is evenly fed into the cone crusher by the feeder, and after the initial crushing by the cone crusher, the screening control is carried out, and the screened qualified stone can enter the next processing process, the closed-loop system can realize the cycle crushing of the material, and the finished material is discharged by the conveyor for continuous crushing, the whole crushing process is smooth and high High speed flow.


Working Principle of Mobile Cone Crusher

The electric motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate, and the movable cone forcibly rotates under the action of the eccentric sleeve, driving the crushing wall to crush and roll the material between the wall and the roll. According to the crushing theory, the material is crushed and polished according to its own texture under the action of forces in several directions, after which stable stone particles meeting the discharge requirements are formed and fall from the swing gap of the crushing wall, while the rest of the material continues to be crushed until it meets the production requirements.


Mobile Crusher plant



Operating features of the mobile cone crusher

1. Free movement and flexible combination

Mobile cone crusher is usually driven by tires or tracks, which is flexible, adaptable, highly productive, reliable and easy to move, and can be brought to the site to process materials directly, reducing material transportation costs and not causing secondary pollution during transportation.

2. Diversified combination, professional customization

The mobile cone crusher can be combined in various ways to meet the different crushing requirements of customers. According to the different requirements of customers, combined with the actual situation, we can provide different configuration combinations with professional settings to realize the combination of single block crushing, multi-block joint classification, screening and other functions. We strive to provide our customers with ideal and efficient crusher configurations.

3.Reliable configuration for environmental protection

Nowadays, the sand and gravel industry has very high requirements for environmental protection, so the machine is equipped with advanced dust and noise reduction device and optional spraying device, which greatly reduces the dust and noise pollution during the production process, and the machine can be freely moved to different sites without leaving any trace after the processing is finished.

Mobile cone crusher is widely used in mobile production line with its own advantages. For more information about small mobile cone crusher and mining crusher price, you can contact our engineers. nflg has professional engineers and technicians who analyze raw material size, expected capacity, site conditions, finished product specifications and other processing details to create an economical and reasonable mobile crushing line for customers, ensuring on-time completion without loss of capacity!

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