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Home News “25 years, Thanks for Your Accompany“ NFLG Customers Celebrate NFLG 25 Anniversary

“25 years, Thanks for Your Accompany“ NFLG Customers Celebrate NFLG 25 Anniversary



11.22, night, NFLG customers appreciation banquet is hold at Jumeirah .Thousands of customers from all over the world get together and join NFLG customer appreciation banquet in Shanghai to celebrate the special time NFLG 25 anniversary  with topic “25 Years, Thanks for your accompany”.


In the banquet, Fang Qingxi chairman will make a speech and welcome customers here, show thanks for customer’s truth and supporting. Review NFLG developing progress in the past 25 years.  We promise to keep the concentration spirit , repay customer and social with more advance and more mature equipments and professional service.

He emphasizes that ,in the past 25 years ,the biggest wealth is customer’s acception , as a professional sand processed and integrated engineering mixing plants supplier and servicer. After 25 years concentration, NFLG create  trademark famous for advanced technology and excellent craft. By 25 years technology developing, NFLG become a company which are famous for technology  and become the pronoun of good quality. NFLG and customers create the honor together , every developing step is accompany by customers truth and supporting.


In the past 25 years, NFLG never stop technology innovation and concentrate on every product. We never remiss customers truth and always listen to customers advice ,concentrate on mixing technical throughout 25 years, concentrate on mixing R&D, keep in craftsman spirit with “special, exactly ,better and forever”. Follow strict standard, do better in the details in the continue developing and improving, in order to give chance to customers to enjoy NFLG reliable and high quality products .

Thanks for customers company in the past 25 years, sincerely hope to develop together with customers, NFLG will keep in customer-orientation and technology-orientation.On the base of supplying integrated aggregate processing solutions ,we strive to make more profits for customers and do better in the future together with customers!


We prepare colorful performance for customers including dancing and singing in Spain style, smart native dancing, great jazz music and breathtaking acrobatics. Touching customers heart from time to time and supply customer with a colorful vision feast, prize draw is more exciting with delicious wine ,make customer enjoy a happy and unforgettable night.







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