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Home News 2016 Shanghai Bauma NFLG products---- Aggregate Processing Plant (part 1)

2016 Shanghai Bauma NFLG products---- Aggregate Processing Plant (part 1)



BaumaChina2016 is coming up November 22-25,international construction machinery, building machinery, construction vehicle and equipment will be held in Shanghai international exhibition Center.

By then,NFLG will exhibit crusher, aggregate shaping machine, sand making machine, mixer plant, solid waste processing machine and some newly-designed machine. our webchat will also launch these equipment for you preview in advance.

1. GLV7-10 dry sand making machine


The NFLG V7 dry sand making equipment designed to produce high-quality sand and integrated with crushing, shaping and fine sand separation. It is suitable for granite, limestone and other crushed stones from mine blasting, tailings and concrete debris and other construction wastes.

Equipment highlights:

NFLG dry sand production equipment effectively breaks through the vertical-shaft crushing (patented), air screening (patented) and other key technologies. It realizes the self-crushing and high-density self-crushing with rotor entering into the crusher to crush, reshap and grind the raw materials so as to effectively improve the particle shape of finished sand and increase the fine aggregate generation due to latest technology with five - hole impact rotor structure and based on the centrifugal crushing method of "stone to stone". Incorporated with air screening technology,  NFLG dry sand production equipment may accomplish the perfect graduation of too large particle size, finished sand and fine sand and maximizes the screening efficiency. And, it may ensure adjustable fineness modulus of finished sand through intelligent control. In addition, taking advantage of offline ash-removal technology, it may effectively control the fine sand content in the finished sand. And it may ensure that the entire system is operating in an airtight vacuum environment, which reflects green, completely environmentally friendly and intelligent value concepts in sand production.


Jobsite on MingDa building in Huaihua city, Hunan province

2. OD005 waste mud prilling machine


In the past, waste soil in construction by-products, high-moisture cohesive soil and fine sand during stone crushing, sludge from washing sand and the like are treated by landfill as the waste materials, which lead to serious potential safety danger and environmental pollution. NFLG sludge prilling system may convert such cohesive soil and sludge previously treated as waste materials into improved soil in granular shape for recycling.


NFLG sludge prilling machine may continuously treat the water mud with high water content to uniform granular improved soil, without pretreatment equipment. It is designed with a special mud improving method. The improved treatment soil has uniform particles, good water permeability and high strength. For the treated and improved soil, the cone index may be immediately up to 200 kN/m2 and above. By adjusting the proportion of curing material added, improved soil may be attained with different cone indexes, which may be suitable for park, green space, foundation of residential building, road beds, structure filling and capable of inhibiting the harmful substances separated out.

3. CZS1550 flip - flow screen


The NFLG CZS1550 flip - flow screen is as construction waste recycling processing equipment, can be Effective fulfillment of complicated and diversified screening requirements for aggregate of construction waste with screening of construction waste.


Because construction waste aggregate is humid, cohesive, complicated and diversified, this is not good to screening. A conventional vibrating screen is unable to better fulfill requirements and is a bottleneck of aggregates recycling technology. The new development of CZS1550 flip - flow screen combines with screening technology of round vibrating screen. By accommodating toothed screen technology of construction waste treatment and flip - flow technology of  wet difficult-to-screen material, it may be well applicable for such humid, cohesive, complicated and diversified construction waste to improve the overall performance of construction waste recycling aggregate system.

Installation diary:

November 14th,the time of BaumaChina2016 is approaching, preparations are also busy to engaged. There is a great progress of NFLG exhibition installation recently, the booth begin to build, YHZS150 new model of mobile concrete mixing plants, NFW1060J wheeled mobile jaw crusher, NFC1000E dual power track mobile cone crusher, NFI1111 track mobile impact crusher, all of these plants will come to the stage with brightly debut.




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