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2016 Shanghai Bauma NFLG products---dry mortar mixing plant



Bauma China 2016 Exhibition will be held in Shanghai, from November 22 to 25. This is an international exhibition for construction machinery, building machines, mining machines and construction vehicles.

NFLG will exhibit crusher, aggregate shaping machine, sand making machine, mixing plants, solid waste processing machine and some other newly-developed machines. Here, as the exhibition time is coming, we present you the products information for preview.

1. FBT3000 tower type dry mortar mixing plant


FBT3000 dry mixed mortar tower production line applies to production of various general and special mortars. It features accurate measuring, high efficiency, energy saving, eco-friendly operation, people-oriented design, intelligence and automation. It can minimize labor cost and achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production so as to create value for customers.

Equipment highlights:

With the rapid growth of dry-mixed mortar industry, the market requires a diversity of dry-mixed mortar products, especially emphasizing higher competitive strength, quality of mortar product, higher ratio of performance to cost, and stricter requirements for eco-friendly operation of mortar production line. Therefore, all of these urgently require highly efficient, eco-friendly, automatic and smart production equipment. NFLG FBT3000 dry mixed mortar tower production line features high-efficiency screening equipment, accurate trace adding system, new highly efficient screw belt mixer, smart automatic lubrication system, fully automatic packaging system, reasonable and highly efficient design of dust collection. With minimized labor cost, the complete set of equipment may operate more smoothly and adopt a more eco-friendly approach to attaining higher efficiency and intelligence.


(The picture shows Hengshui Shuliu Plant in Hebei, which was put into service in 2016.)

2. FBC1200 workshop type special mortar mixing plant

New NFLG production line of special sand applies to production of various special mortars. It features such advantages as high efficiency, energy saving, stability, environmentally friendly operation, human-oriented design to accommodate customers' various demands for different products. It is designed with flexible arrangement, accurate weighing, and highly efficient mixing and provided with automated packaging and stacking. It is highly appreciated by users and widely adopted in the market. Well-known customers include Davco Construction Materials, Nippon Paint, and Mapei S.p.A.


The machine is designed with highly-efficient and energy-saving VF mixing technology to ensure energy saving less than conventional mixer by 20%. Considering the feature that the special mortar products are frequently replaced, we have developed self-cleaning main mixing unit and one-key operating mode with self-cleaning program to greatly increase product replacement efficiency of special production line. Designed with accurate admixture metering new technology, it features strong resistance to interference such as wind, earthquake and electromagnetic interference. It adopts unique admixture pneumatically supplying technology to ensure low residual rate by weight checking after conveying. New generation of impeller type packaging machine features high stability, reliability and precision. The equipment has small low height and modular design for fast installation and low failure rate, and easy maintenance. It is designed with small footprint, low investment, high ROI, convenient expansion and suitable for installation in general factory buildings.

3. Mixer with screw bladed for dry-mixed mortar, FJD3000D


The scope of application of NFLG FJD3000D dry mortar mixing plant is general and special dry-mixed mortar.


Mixing method with screw blades of new design concept, accommodating non-conventional formulas;

Fragile components and aggregate of large grain size may be perfectly and efficiently mixed;

Equipped with smart automatic lubricating system for simple and reliable maintenance.

4. FJD1200EF new type dry mortar mixing plant


In view of the characteristics of the frequent replacement of special mortars, NFLG designed with self-cleaning technology without remains, quick changeover for different formulas; NFLG used the new concept of mixing method to ensure the quality of mixtures; NFLG mixer equipped with smart automatic lubricating system for simple and reliable maintenance. The scope of application of new mixer is general/special dry-mixed mortar, special cement, gypsum powder, putty powder, etc.


Mixing of particle flow field, with high efficiency and low energy consumption;

Fully unloading operation, with stability and reliability;

Designed with efficient self-cleaning technology, with quick drum cleaning;

Quick changeover for different formulas to avoid pollution;

Equipped with smart automatic lubricating system for simple and reliable maintenance;

Designed with air pre-purging technology, with sealing reliability.

Installation diary:

Today is the tenth day of NFLG exhibition product installation. With the arrival of cold weather in Shanghai, temperature drop 10 degrees. Cold weather has added some difficulty to the installation work. For security reasons, the installation team temporarily adjusted the installation plan. They decided to slow down the progress of the installation. So they suspended high-altitude lifting operation. Despite the cold weather, the installation team continues to work regardless of the weather.


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