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Showing product of NFLG in 2016 Bauma Shanghai—Dry Mortar Mixing Plant (low)



From 22 to 25 in Nov., Showing of BaumaChina2016 in Shanghai including engineering machine, construction machine, engineering car and equipment will open in new showing center of Shanghai.

On the occasion, NFLG will take crushing equipment, shaping equipment, sand making, mixing plant and construction waste processing equipment to show. In the coming moment, WeChat public number of NFLG will announce information of showing products in advance to let you earlier enjoy it.

1. BYF25D.ZDT Automatic Packaging System


Equipment highlights:

Dry powder mortar automatic packaging system. Currently, most packaging machines are designed with manual bagging, causing bad working environment resulting in personnel injury of operators. This machine is provided with automatic bagging manipulator and bag conveyor conveying empty bags for automatic bagging function.

The dimensions of packaging bags vary with different specifications of products to be packed. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the pallet height at the time of product changeover. Currently, packaging machines are basically designed with manual adjustment. It is time-consuming and needs great efforts in addition to potential safety hazard. This automatic packaging system may avoid such issues and risks. The pallet height may be directly adjusted as needed according to formulas.

2. EG-5 Automatic Lubricating Device


With further development of Chinese dry-mixed mortar, the market requires a higher level of automation of dry-mixed mortar production equipment, especially emphasizing higher requirements for automated lubrication with a longer service life. NFLG EG-5 automatic lubricating device features compacted design, cost effectiveness, easy operation and maintenance, central lubrication at fixed intervals from the same points by fixed quantity to allow sufficient and reliable lubrication of mechanical parts. Automatic lubrication instead of past manual lubrication may greatly increase working efficiency, reduce failure and damage to mechanical components and parts due to bad lubrication, and maximize the machine’s service life.

3. GLS2530B.0 Probability Screen


GLS2530B.0  Probability Screen of NFLG complete with dry-mixed mortar mixing equipment and configured with multi-deck screen to meet the gradation requirements for dry-mixed mortar formulas.


As an important part of the dry-mixed mortar mixing equipment, the screening system's screening results of probability screen have direct influence on the quality of finished mortar. The market requires higher quality of mortar. Therefore, the requirements for screening precision and thoughput for the probability screen are stricter and stricter. In order to meet the screening demand for various dry sand, our probability screen has unique parameters design, multi-deck screen configuration and a unique real-time cleaning device so that it features high screening precision, high capacity, free maintenance.

4. WJLA Micro Measuring Instrument


The WJLA micro measuring instrument is supporting equipment for mortar production line, which may accurately measure material lighter than 5 kg. It may increase the level of automation for dry-mixed mortar production line and improve the image of NFLG products.


With increased labor costs, the customers require a higher level of automation for dry-mixed mortar. And the WJLA micro measuring instrument may realize automatic measuring of trace filling of material, with precision of ±10g. Unique design helps to ensure strong resistance to wind, earthquake, and high electromagnetic immunity. Unique valve design is good for quick discharge. It can also reduce remained materials and achieve automatic control with smart and reliable operation.

Installation diary:

11.11, sunny, 13~19 ℃,Today, we finally see the blue sky after breaking through the fog, temperature is back up. A fresh and sunny day ,workers are more enthusiastic about working, the speed of installation improve a lot,HZS180C high-end concrete batching plant came yesterday. Today, it is installed up to top platform .Main tower installations of dry mortar mixing plant, high ratio hot asphalt recycling mixing plant and V7 dry sand making equipment have been finished.





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