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Conquering market with high quality product——Xin Xing’s powerful weapon


In the south of Shanxi we made an interview with JiaYongping---Chairman of Xinxingreal estate development company. His company own one of the hugest sand and stone production bases in Yuncheng city. The base is fitted with one set of powerful weapons, including 2 units of NFLG V7-60 dry sand making equipment and Terex-NFLG J-1160,J-1480 tracked mobile jaw crusher,C-1540,C-1550tracked mobile con crusher, 683、883tracked mobile screen,MVP550 cone crusher; VSI2000 vertical impact crusher;TSH6203 screener and FM200C washing equipment, which consists of one integrated production system for crushing, shaping and refining of stone and sand generated from mine.

Chairman Jia is an practical entrepreneur as well as a perfectionist. He is obsessed to push every possibility to its limit and get everything done best. Its insistence in perfection is fully displayed in its search and research of sand making machinery. He would spend day after day on worksite, buried in dust, to find out which equipment is best suitable to make sand that he desires. Mr.Jia has devoted more than 11 years to sand making field. His first step was to mine river sand and then his focus turned to mine. In the past years he purchased lots of equipment, some of them helped him to realize its goal, but many of them failed to deliver desired result and were put into collect dust or simple fire sell. After such unpleasant experience MrJia, at last came to conclustion that quality comes first.

Chairman of Xinxingreal estate development company.webp

Chairman of Xinxingreal estate development company

In order to purchase the best sand making equipment he dreams about, he has travelled over more than 17 countries. It’s not easy process. However at last he managed to find the  very equipment that wants. It’s NFLG’S V7 sand making equipment, which was developed by NFLG in concert with Japanese KIMCO.

The V7 sand making machine from NFLG works stabile and reliable. Quality of its finished product proves out to be more than satisfactory.
At beginning MrJia took raw material to Japan to carry out test running and then brought finished sand home to test in local concrete plant. Laboratory engineers were shocked by  experiment results, both strength and hardness of the concrete made with the sand were high. They hardly believed it’s made with manufactured sand. They expressed their doubt:" Maybe there is additive." Of course, there was none of additive, the reason lies in that sand manufactured by NFLG’s V7 machine is distinguished with round shape, excellent grade and high solidityratio. Moreover the NFLG’s V7 drastically increases percentage of sand in range from 0.6mm to 0.15mm, which is hard to produce for most of sand making machines.Sand of different grades and shapes fulfills cavity within concrete, which not only improves strength and durability of concrete, but also saves binding material, such as cement, fly ash and additive. Last but not least, its fineness module is adjustable within range of 2.0-3.0.

The V7 is so hot that MrJia fell into love with it at first sight and incapable to move beyond it he decided to purchase it immediately in 2012 Year, putting it to serve with its massive equipment army. The impulsive decision didn’t disappoint him. The V7 machine completely lived up to its fame and even surpassed wildest expectation. "Demand is outstripping supply. Clients buy all of sand we produce. Its price is higher than that of other suppliers. I have worked in the aggregate field for so many years.But only Your company’s machine finally helps to turn some fat return."MrJia was satisfied with the equipment and generously showered his praise on NFLG.

The advanced V7 machine attracted lots of colleagues to pay a visit, which brought new friends to MrJia. One of them was Beijing Jinyu group, which coincidentally visited the worksite when we took interview of MrJia. General manager of the Jinyu group was impressed with the V7 machien:"The machine works well, technology advanced. Its finished sand is quite excellent and suitable to produce concrete. Its adjustable fineness module helps to boost overall performance of concrete. Last year I made a visit here, this year I repeated. It has works more than one year. It excels in environment protection. Dust collection effect is more than effective."

Interview with Beijing Jinyu group general manager Mr Zhu.webp

Interview with Beijing Jinyu group general manager Mr Zhu

Time proves that. The V7 machine exactly performs well in terms of dust collection and noise depression. Work environment of previous sand making machine turned out more than unpleasant. Dust was everywhere, which imposed a serious danger to workers that work long term there. Worksite manager Chen Ke told us:"Since we purchased the V7 machine, our work environment has greatly improved. Because the machine would generate little dust or noise. We could communicate and pick a call as usually, standing beside the machine."

As it’s said monster lies in details. MrJia expressed his opinion about the V7:" Its every detail is full of humanity consideration. Safety concerns are obvious priorities of designers. So there is not hazard potential. It runs reliably. All of the equipment could be run in mode of automatic control. Its operation is simple and requiring little manual intervention, so labor cost for it is quite low."

NFLG’s crushing, screening and sand making equipment.webp

NFLG’s crushing, screening and sand making equipment

Though there are some equipment that imitate the V7 machine. But MrJia, specializing in sand making field, was deeply convinced:" NFLG’s V7 machine is one of the most advanced sand making equipment in the world. It’s next to impossible to fully copy it. Other manufactures are not capable to deliver the patented technology and system reliability. Its an integrated system, which is enhanced by special software."

In the quick growth of Xinxing NFLG was lucky and pleasant to play a positive role, supplying it powerful weapons. It’s destiny and fate for both our company to cooperate, since their share the same culture genes---striving for perfection and best. Our cooperation began in yesterday, grows deep today and would thrive tomorrow.
NFLG is as passionate as before to provide best and suitable customer-tailored products and service for its customers, whose success crowns its greatest achievement.

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