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SuTong Bridge create the miracle in the world


     Since 1990s, China Road and Bridge Span break through 400 meters, has completed more than 30 highway bridges with span over 400 meters. Main span of SutongBridge is up to 1,088 meters, is currently the world's largest long-span cable-stayed bridge in the world and will create a miracle. It is the largest and most complex bridge projects with integrated construction conditions in Chinese history. SutongBridge, NanjingYangtze RiverBridge, the East China SeaBridge, the HangzhouBayBridge, the RunyangBridge and other projects are on behalf of Chinese highest level long-span bridge design and construction technology, having broad impact at home and abroad. Former Minister of Communications Zhang Chunxian said that the SutongBridge construction technology represents the world's most advanced level of construction in China.

High level construction technology connects closely with high-performance construction equipment. The largest tower crane, the biggest concrete pump, the largest concrete mixing vessel, the largest bridge machine, the biggest conventional vibration hammer, and so on are all put into Sutong Bridge construction site,  which provided a powerful guarantee and support for the process.


     The largest tower crane, the biggest concrete pump, the largest concrete mixing vessel, the largest bridge machine, the biggest pile hammers, and so on have all been put into the Sutong Bridge. Chinese Construction Group, Roadway Dep. and Railway and Bridge Dep. are all full of courage to try the application of new technology, new equipment and make full use of China's long-span bridge design, construction, and management of new technologies, new ideas, further improving Chinese bridge construction technology and management level.



Four Best Challenge the engineering

      SutongBridge locates at the East of Jiangshu Province between Nantong and Shuzhou, with 32.4km,comprises of three parts, of six lanes highway standards. The main bridge is 62 meters high, 891 meters wide, can satisfy the 50,000-ton container ships and 48,000 tons fleet transportation. All would require a total of about 250,000 tons of steel, 140 cubic meters of concrete, filling 320 cubic meters, occupying 10,000 m3 of land, demolition of the building 260,000 square meters. The total project investment is about 6.45 billion yuan.

SutongBridge project started in May 2003, the overall implementation arrangements are as follows: two-year basis, two years construction of the lower part, one and a half years of the upper part , half the end construction, a six-year construction period to ensure completion of the opening in May 2009.


 The largest Span
       The world's largest long-span cable-stayed bridge has been built mainly of 890 meters is the TataraBridge in Japan, the Sutong Bridge Span 1,088 m, will be built as the world's largest long-span cable-stayed bridge.


 The deepest foundation
       5 # and 4# and the base of the main pier is made of 131 piers of about 120 meters, diameter of 2.5 m / 2.8 m, Cap is 114 meters long, 48 meters wide, is the world's largest, with deepest Pile foundation.


 The highest bridge towers
       At present, the highest bridge towers is the Tatara Bridge with steel tower of 224 meters, Sutong Bridge pylons for the 306 m high concrete tower, six meters higher than the Stonecutters Bridge towers, as the world's highest bridge towers.


The longest cable
       SutongBridge has the longest cable of 577 meters, maximum weight of 59 tons, TataraBridge is over 100 m long cable-stayed, as the world's longest cable-stayed.
       SutongBridge with special geographical location, complicated geology, climate and hydrological conditions is a construction project in order to solve the main bridge structure, wind-resistant properties, such as seismic performance of the "Ten key technologies", is a huge and complicated engineering project. The building of a world-class level super-large bridge is a special test for Chinese long-span bridge construction technology, innovation and management.
       SutongBridge has underne preliminary work plan, the PWC, the early construction plans and design stage. In 1997, the plan started, and in June 2003, opened, it lasted for 12 years.


Concrete mixing vessel: large volume of concrete was poured


    C1 is standard-based and Pier 1 is the main pier, Pier No. 4 is the world's largest group pile foundation. standard construction period of C1 is 23 months and 20 days; B2,  superscript pier foundation which is designed for the desktop, using high pile structure, a total of 19 piers, the construction period is 34 months. Concrete pouring of the project is large with high demand of pouring intensity, production and supply of concrete.


    Total concrete volume of tenders C1 is 223,899 m3. Daily normal working hours of concrete pouring is 599 m3 on average. Due to adjustment of the program, construction time is compressed, in the latter part of the construction; the actual pouring of the maximum peak is 1800 m3.
      Concrete of B2 is 124900 m3, concrete pouring time is 20 months and the daily average completion is of 283 m3.              

According to the characteristics, and considering the water level, security, pouring strength and capacity of materials, Sutong project has totally allocated three concrete mixing vessels: the new concrete building 1601, the self-assembly 807 Simple mixing vessels (shallow water use) and 3000 t easy mixing vessel.

Primary construction work

      SutongBridge project is in the construction of B1, B2, C1, C3 four tenders, of contract amount of 2.46 billion.
       B1, 2010 meters’ long, from pier 0 to 45. Pile Φ1.2 m for the 160 and 358 Φ1.5 m bored piles, piles of 56.4 m ~ 78.0m. Cap is rectangular, thin-walled rectangular of hollow pier body, the upper structure: 30 m × 12-and 50 m × 11 triple-cast-in-place of continuous concrete girder. Concrete is about 130,000 m3, Steel 20,000 tons. The contract amount is 265 million Yuan, the construction period is from October 2003 to October 2006.


    B2 is 1275 m long, pier 45 and the first main bridge pier are made of 330 Φ1.8 m bored piles, piles of 87 ~ 95 m long; cuboid cap, thin-walled rectangular of hollow pier with an altitude of 40 ~ 60 m. Superstructure is of the 50 m + 75m × 9, 75 m × 10 two consecutive concrete girder with TP75 bridge machine to set it up. Concrete amount is of 181,000 m3, structure with 20,200 tons of steel, construction with 10,700 tons of steel. The contract amount is up to 530 million yuan, the construction period is from May 2004 to January 2007.
         C1 includes the 1st pier to the the 4th main pier, including the 1st to the 3rd basis of the main pier, and pier with the main pier on the 4th (North Main Tower) basis, caps, is the key bridge construction point. The tenders bored pile is of diameter 2.5 m, a total of 205, the biggest pile of nearly 130.0 m, steel cage weight is of 80 t. Concrete, 224,000 m3, large-scale steel structure of nearly 30,000 tons. The contract amount is up to 789 million yuan, the construction period is from May 2003 to June 2005.


C3 of full-length 2088 m, includes the main north-south tower construction, installation and superstructure construction control. flat steel box girder bridge is of the entire width 41.0 m, a total of 141 segments, the standard length of 16 m, maximum weight of 450 t. Using high-strength cable-stayed parallel wires, a total of 272 to 577 m, weight 59 t. C3 is of contract amount of 878 million Yuan, the construction period is from December 2005 to March 2008.
       According to preliminary statistics, the costs for current equipment and purchasing new equipment are totally 340 million Yuan.
       B1, B2 and C3 tenders are still in the peak of construction, equipment investment will increase, especially C3 standard steel box girder construction and large-scale use of the ship will cost 10 million yuan.


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