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Creation and high-end technology ——interview Mr. Fang from Huicong


   Huicong In 2006, NFLG had overtopped 120 million for the first quarter in sales, I, on behalf of Huicong, express my sincere congratulations to you. How did your company achieve such success?


    Mr. FangOver the years, we upgrade the brand, production management, technical innovation, R & D, compared to the previous years, we have enormous progress. Moreover, the high-speed railway project gave our company a significant opportunity.


    HuicongWhat kind of opportunity does the construction of high-speed railway bring you?


    Mr. Fang What stimulating effect the high-speed railway brought to us is more than what we expected, especially on product performance and quality requirements. It is the first time we met such a situation, and they naturally would choose branded manufacturers of high credit, which led the way for the development of NFLG.


    HuicongWhat products does your company have for the high-speed railway construction?


    Mr. FangHigh-speed railway is a new technology. This time, we received the topic, which means we took the social responsibility. Because of the limited quantity, the prices abroad are very high.

 In fact, the technology is very complex. We get the project but make no money; it is our social responsibility to do this. We are the only can finish the project.

    HuicongHigh prices abroad now?


    Mr. FangYes.

    Huicong NFLG is not always waiting for the high-speed railway construction opportunity?


    Mr. FangNot exactly. The demand for high-speed railway equipment is so huge that we made technical exploration two years a which was completely different from the current one, it is a new topic. For us, there are technical reserves and we displayed high-speed railway equipment on exhibition. We are leading the domestic industry, and doing technical, forward-looking exploration.


    HuicongNFLG focus on independent R & D and product innovation. Please talk about how NFLG develop on the basis of independent research and development and innovation?


    Mr. FangWe are leading the mixing industry definitely, working diligently, and focusing on mixing. We are very pragmatic, dedicated trying to improve mixing technology, reaching the domestic first-class level and then the Asian brands, and the international brand in the future.


    HuicongNow some enterprises chase commercial interests.

    Mr. FangNFLG is on the long-term commercial interests.

HuicongHow to improve the R & D and product innovation?

    Mr. FangImprove of independent R & D and innovation need qualified personnel, which is development power for an enterprise. R & D and training is a long-term process, even if NFLG is to be regarded as the "Whampoa Military Academy", but on my personal view, we should insist on it through the process will be very hard, but in the end the community will admit your contribution.


    Huicong As you said, some enterprises are doing counterfeit products, then how could NFLG handle independent intellectual property rights?


    Mr. Fang The current approach is to develop the depth and breadth of technology.

    HuicongNFLG “specialization, refine, well and long”

”Can you explain the deep meaning

    Mr. Fang NFLG is still in the infancy and China is full of opportunities. For an enterprise, "specialization, refine, well and long," need hard work of several generations.


    HuicongThe development of enterprises is a long process. In my personal view, all things are the same of natural development. To which direction in the future NFLG will , it is impossible to properly design for the boss.


    HuicongThat means to adjust the direction on the basis of the latest developing situation of machine industry.

    Mr. FangYes. 

    HuicongNFLG did very well in after-sales.

    Mr. FangThe construction of the after-sales service is absolutely fundamental guarantee for the interests of the customer, and the customer service in China is relatively immature. Management are too old while training abroad can be put in place, thus it is difficult for domestic private enterprises.


    HuicongSo investment on it is huge.

    Mr. FangOf course. We choose agents on the criteria, that is, his service capacity. Without this capacity, it can not be our agents.


    Huicong How is the Dry Mortar Plant in the entire market?


    Mr. FangJust beginning.

    HuicongBut your advertisement is widespread.

    Mr. FangIt is the 1st step.

    HuicongCan you say something about the market?

    Mr. Fang The market demand is huge and, we are optimistic about the market prospects. Especially some domestic enterprises see the great market and take action to take apart in the field. It is normal but not od for the long-term developing.


    HuicongWhat products for CONEXPO ASIA 2006?

    Mr. Fang The stable mixing plant for the high-speed railway, the new dry mortar mixing plant, planetary concrete mixer and a quick-moving concrete mixing plant.

    HuicongExpo is a od chance?

    Mr. FangIt can bring in many foreign customers and it is od for the domestic companies to attend.

HuicongCan you appraise the AEM Expo?

 Mr. FangThis Expo has great attraction to North America, the Middle East, in particular, the United States and the agents. Management of the exhibition is very od, but domestic enterprises are not very familiar with it.

    NFLG is actively expanding the foreign markets, so we definitely need to participate the Expo thus we can communicate with many foreign exchange traders.


    HuicongAnd the achievement of NFLG in the market?

Mr. FangWe are entering the mainstream of international market. We want to fight the Europeans thus international high-end products is the fighting cake.

Now our international market achievement is great and we are best in China. We are looking for the high-end products compared with other exporters so that NFLG is of great opportunity. 

    HuicongHow about the price of High-end products of NFLG?

    Mr. FangHigher than the normal one and about 80% of international one.

    HuicongPrice war.

    Mr. FangIt is a strategy to open up the new market.

    HuicongWhat about the R&D?

    Mr. FangFirst learn from others and then create by itself.

    HuicongYou were born from technology?

    Mr. FangYes.

    HuicongThank you.

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