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NFLG Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant for Limestone Mining


Limestone, as an important building material, is widely used for its wide distribution in nature and easy accessibility, and has a long history of mining. In modern industry, limestone is not only the main raw material for making cement and lime, but also the indispensable melting agent limestone in metallurgical industry.

In today's increasingly competitive cement industry, the sand and gravel aggregate market has become a new “blue ocean” for cement companies. In order to obtain a better competitive advantage in the market, cement enterprises are gradually becoming the main force in the sand and gravel aggregate industry, which is bound to promote the adjustment of the overall industrial structure. In addition, under the trend of gradual tightening of sand and gravel aggregate resources, cement enterprises can further expand the sand and gravel aggregate processing business by virtue of their early layout of mining resources to realize the extension of the cement to aggregate value chain.

Rapid start-up

Time is money and efficiency is life. In the face of the ever-changing market environment and competition, the longer the production cycle of aggregates, the greater the risk the enterprise has to bear.

At the same time, the NFLG mobile crushing and screening plant has "electro-mechanical-hydraulic" integration on the heavy-duty tracks. The user can control the plant directly during production by wired and wireless remote control. The equipment is flexible, easy to transfer, and less restrictive working environment, which is the "right hand man" for on-site production, and is well liked by customers.

Limestone mining materials

Serving Customers

A long term customer decided to cooperate with NFLG immediately because of the high efficiency, convenience and fast production capability of NFLG mobile crushing and screening plant. According to the actual needs of the customer, NFLG customized a full set of limestone aggregate processing production solution for the customer. The on-site production line consists of NFLG Tracked Mobile Impact Crusher NFI1313RS and NFLG Tracked Mobile Screen NFS350, together with excavator and loader, with a design capacity of 200tph, producing four standard sizes of high quality aggregates: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-25mm and 25-31.5mm.





The on-site equipment is stable in production and efficient in operation, and has made considerable achievements in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. In terms of environmental protection, the production line has chosen diesel engines with high emission standards, which are more friendly to the environment. At the same time, high-performance dustproof covers are installed on the conveying belts of the impact crusher and screeners at the site, and water spray dust reduction devices are designed at the main dust raising points to achieve dust and noise reduction to the maximum extent.

The impact crusher is equipped with hydraulic driven water pump as standard, which can be used after accessing water source on site. The spraying system uses high-pressure atomizing nozzles with adjustable water volume, which effectively reduces the dust on the production line and maintains a good production line environment.

NFLG mobile crushing and screening equipment helps customers to realize industrial transformation and upgrade, gradually build a new pattern of green mine development, and also further promote the orderly development, efficient utilization and environmental protection of mining aggregate processing mode.

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