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Home News 【New Plant】Two sets of NFLG asphalt mixing plants put into operation at Jilin Traffic Industry Development Co. Ltd.

【New Plant】Two sets of NFLG asphalt mixing plants put into operation at Jilin Traffic Industry Development Co. Ltd.


Recently, two sets of NFLG asphalt mixing plants were put into operation in the materials industrial park project of Jilin Transportation Industry Development Co. It is reported that the project is financed by Jilin Traffic Industry Development Co., Ltd. and covers a total area of 156,000 square meters. The project is planned to be implemented in phases, and will build a domestic first-class traffic material production line to replace traditional traffic materials with new products through the research and development of new technologies and new techniques to fill the gap of the traffic construction material industry in Jilin Province.


In the early stage of the project, NFLG's two sets of asphalt mixing plants (GLBR4000+GLBR5000) mainly undertake the mixing production of asphalt pavement mix in the park to create favorable conditions for completing the construction of the industrial park on schedule, in which NFLG GLBR4000 type integrated asphalt mixing equipment is put into use, becoming the only road waste environmental protection regeneration station in Jilin Province.After a period of commissioning and production, the advanced equipment structure of NFLG GLBR asphalt mixing plant, the design of the integrated machine and the superior asphalt concrete regeneration function have been fully affirmed by the customer.





NFLG integrated asphalt mixing equipment can achieve a separate primary material production, up to 70% of the large proportion of recycling mix production, small proportion of cold central-plant recycling production, foam warm mix production, foam warm mix recycling production and many other functions by updating the structure design and changing the heating mode of regenerated materials, which breaking the dilemma of low central-plant recycling rate of domestic and foreign asphalt mixing equipment. Combined with environmental protection system and other solutions, NFLG integrated asphalt mixing equipment is more in line with the contemporary environmental protection and energy saving, revenue efficient asphalt mixture production needs.

Next, Jilin Transportation Industry Development Co., Ltd. will move forward towards the set goal of "Northeast Regional Transportation Material Supply Base", introducing advanced transportation material manufacturing equipment and production technology from home and abroad, and NFLG will work with customers to give full play to its technical advantages in the field of engineering mixing to help customers become an important force in the rapid construction of highways in Jilin Province.

The following is the construction situation of the customer.





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