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Firsts for NFLG asphalt mixing plants in Russia


For many years, NFLG has been working hard in the huge market of Russia. In view of the severe cold climate, short construction period and special requirements for equipment in Russia, NFLG has been improving and innovating its products to cultivate the Russian market, and the Russian market has grown into one of the main pivot points of NFLG's overseas market, and its marketing and after-sales service has basically formed a multi-level network. Up to now, NFLG has nearly 50 sets of asphalt mixing plants in the Russian market, which are well recognized by Russian customers and the market. In the past ten years, new and old customers in the Russian market have participated and witnessed many exciting firsts of NFLG in Russia.

The first asphalt plant


In 2011, NFLG achieved the first sales of asphalt mixing plants in Russia. Model LB1500 is the mainstream model in the Russian market, which is the first step NFLG took in the Russian market. With the completion of the installation and commissioning of LB1500 in Abakan, the market spillover benefit is obvious and the booming sales market in Russia has been kicked off.

The first mobile asphalt plant


In 2016, a customer of Ustyug bought a set of NFLG YLB1500 asphalt mixing plant, which has many advantages such as high productivity, small footprint and easy to move. At present, the equipment is running stably. The customer commented that NFLG's equipment is highly reliable and NFLG does a very good job in both products and services, and is a trustworthy partner.

First Cold Central-plant recycling equipment


In 2017, Kazan customer, who is a loyal fan of NFLG, purchased a Cold Central-plant recycling equipment to match its asphalt mixing plant of other brands, realizing the first sale of NFLG Cold Central-plant recycling equipment. The equipment also lived up to the expectations of the customer, gave the positive feedback of good adaptability and high stability, and since then the trust between the two sides in technology and cooperation has become more solid and stable, opening the way to a strategic partnership.

The first 4000 type large-scale plant


In 2020, NFLG GLB4000 asphalt mixing plant stands in Chelyabinsk, which has become one of the few benchmark stations with large output in the region. The plant is now producing stably and efficiently with high output, and has been put into several local municipal road construction in line with production expectations. The customer said that NFLG always puts the safety, stability and reliability of the equipment in the first place, and the equipment is simple and easy to operate. The customer's evaluation also proves NFLG's strength in asphalt mixing equipment, and the product is deeply trusted by customers.

First set of asphalt mixing plant  + Cold Central-plant recycling equipment


In 2020, the customer Volga Road Construction Company in Kazan, based on the good operation of the previous cold central-plant recycling equipment, purchased a complete set of asphalt mixing plant GLB3000 with NFLG cold central-plant recycling equipment in one go. The business trust between the two parties made this first purchase of a primary mixing plant with cold central-plant recycling equipment a very simple and straightforward process. This is the trust of the customer, but also the manifestation of the quality of NFLG equipment.

The first asphalt concrete recycling material screening equipment



In 2020, the first NFLG asphalt concrete recycling screening plant PSL 120A was sold and installed in the Russian market, which is also the old customer of NFLG in Kazan to upgrade and explore the process equipment again. The equipment adopts high-frequency multi-motor screen, which can help the customer to screen out the most economically valuable particles below 5mm, creating a considerable economic value for the customer. Because of the customer's great influence in the local area and the benchmark and demonstration role of the equipment, there are a lot of peers coming to visit.

The first NFLG S3 shaping and sand making plant


In 2021, after purchasing three NFLG asphalt mixing plants, the Samara customer added the NFLG S3 shaping and sand making plant, which was the first landing in Russia and also in the whole overseas market. The intention is to improve the high powder content of the aggregate and the pain points of the grain shape and gradation, which can significantly improve the quality of the finished material produced. The Samara customer has already gained considerable economic benefits due to the stable performance of the three NFLG asphalt plants and the guarantee of high output and low fuel consumption. We believe that with the NFLG S3 shaping and sand making plant, it will be like a tiger with wings.

As an important country along the "Belt and Road", Russia is an important market for NFLG's overseas layout. After years of continuous efforts in the Russian market, NFLG equipment has now spread all over Russia. In the future, NFLG will continue to adhere to technological innovation, market and customer demand-oriented, to create greater value for Russian customers.

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