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NFLG GC series single cylinder cone crusher-Excellent performance in medium crushing


NFLG GC cone crusher is widely used in mines and coal mines, whether it is hard stone or soft stone or even abrasive stone. In the two-stage closed-circuit process, it is used as medium crushing (second-stage crushing); in the three-stage closed-circuit process, it can be used as medium crushing (secondary crushing) or fine crushing (third-stage crushing).


The GC cone crusher is equipped with a variety of standard crushing cavity types to fully meet the production requirements of medium crushing; if the use condition is proper, the use cost of the counterattack operation is relatively low, and it can be configured to produce less powder.

The crusher keeps full feed during operation, automatically compensates feed, reduces liner wear, improves equipment operation efficiency, and minimizes unit production cost; equipment structure is simple, one-key operation; maintenance is more convenient, and maintenance costs are reduced ; Dynamic adjustment of the discharge opening, automatic release protection for iron passing, continuous monitoring of the actual load inside the crusher, automatic adjustment of the equipment, so as to give full play to the best performance of the cone crusher.

01 Features introduction

The stroke can be easily changed by simply rotating the eccentric copper sleeve


No epoxy resin is required for the liner

1. Positive pressure dust-proof seal structure design

The movable cone and the frame adopt a positive-pressure air seal structure, and the internal pressure of the movable cone cavity is always higher than the external pressure, preventing dust from polluting the lubricating oil and damaging the bearing, ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.

2. Optimized design of crushing cavity

Adopting the principle of laminated crushing, the crushing efficiency is higher, the grain shape of the finished product is better, and the service life of the lining board is longer.

3. Aviation grade oil seal

The hydraulic cylinder seal adopts aviation-grade oil seal to ensure the reliability and durability of the seal.

4. The overall solid cast steel frame optimized by mechanical analysis can withstand high-strength, high-load crushing.

5. Transmission system Spiral bevel gear has stable transmission, high efficiency, low noise and strong carrying capacity.

6. The integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station saves equipment installation space; the high-pressure hydraulic system ensures the pressure margin required for the normal operation of the equipment and improves the reliability of the hydraulic system.


7. Automatic control system with excellent operability, safety and humanization

Record the running time and prompt the replacement time of parts.

One-key adjustment of target crushing gap value.

Shows the wear status of the liner being used.


02 Technical Parameters


GC cone crusher crushing particle size curve


The above-mentioned crushing capacity value is a reference value for continuous feeding of limestone with an apparent specific gravity of about 1.6t/m3. The production capacity and the particle size of the finished product are related to factors such as feed size, crushing cavity type, material density, material cleanliness and moisture content.



NFLG exhibited fixed crushing series equipment in bauma CHINA 2020

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has two major labels: single-cylinder and hydraulic. It is a relatively new type of cone crusher. NFLG GC series cone crusher adopts laminated crushing, which can obtain the ideal particle shape. It can be widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations. The crushing process has low power consumption and high productivity. In large-scale production lines, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers play an important role.

NFLG continued its consistent product expertise and technology route. Since 2012, it has cooperated with KEMCO (Japan)to launch the V7 machine-made sand series equipment, and quickly occupied the domestic high-end machine-made sand high-end equipment market.

Continuing this good momentum, the cooperation between NFLG and KEMCO has continued to deepen, focusing on the field of high-quality aggregate production equipment, and co-developing fixed crushing series production equipment.

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