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NFLG invites you to stay tuned to the exhibition



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Bauma CHINA 2020 NFLG closed perfectly on November 27th. As the world's leading communication and exhibition platform for the construction machinery industry, Bauma China 2020 has always been the top stage for China's international construction machinery and equipment competition. Looking back at the history of Bauma China, some of NFLG's exhibits will continue to be exhibited in Quanzhou, and we welcome friends from home and abroad to visit and discuss in Quanzhou. You can also stay tuned to the NFLG VR Pavilion, which will bring you to the show in the cloud.


This year, a series of NFLG's star exhibits were favored by customers at home and abroad, attracting many visitors and becoming a beautiful sight on the show floor. At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, some customers could not come to the show in person, so NFLG opened an online simulcast at home and abroad to let those who could not attend the show "walk around the show" and feel the unique charm of NFLG.




During the four days of the show, NFLG gained a lot of success, with more than 2,000 customers visiting the NFLG booth and 34,000 people watching online on the live platform.  What's more, 5 sets of NFLG exhibits were purchased by customers on the spot, and NFLG reached deep strategic cooperation agreements with 14 customers.





In addition, NFLG had a series of exciting activities during the show: professional media interviews, industry experts series of interviews, exhibits on-site explanation, etc. The on-site route was well designed and orderly, with rest areas and negotiation areas, which brought a comfortable exhibition experience to visitors.

In the booth of more than 2,500 square meters, the whole series of NFLG engineering mixing products, equipment live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and the R&D achievements of the mixing college were all displayed, which fully showed the historical precipitation of the company in the past 23 years and also focused on the future development direction of the company, which impressed the exhibitors.




At the new product conference on the evening of November 24, NFLG marketing director Mr. Yang also introduced more than ten new NFLG products to everyone, and on the spot through a wonderful graphic sharing form, introduced to the guests the largest production capacity of domestic plastic sand making machine S3-2060, mobile crushing and screening production line, crawler mobile chirping screen, impurity separation equipment in construction waste treatment, asphalt mixing equipment continuous intermittent dual-core integrated machine, recycled material asphalt stripping system, automatic wet mix recovery equipment, automatic wet mix recovery equipment, the overall solution and so on.




At the exhibition site, all the work was orderly and busy, thanks to the strong execution ability and professional quality of the NFLG staff, who through meeting after meeting, landed each exquisite idea, installed and designed each exhibit in place, and perfected every detail to create this wonderful event.







In the case of the epidemic impact, most of the global industry was forced to stop, China's construction machinery industry in this "battle" to achieve counter-trend growth, experience forward. NFLG always keeps in mind its social responsibility and responsibility as a national brand, and is bursting with energy and resilient to grow. With an exhibition with better exhibition area settings, higher exhibit and exhibition standards, and synchronous online and offline links, NFLG has demonstrated its corporate responsibility and commitment.




The end of this year's Bauma Exhibition is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey: since 2002, when NFLG first participated in Bauma Shanghai, this is the 10th time for NFLG. In retrospect, every Bauma Shanghai is a development point for the NFLG, recording and witnessing every transformation of the NFLG. In the future, NFLG will, as always, adhere to the simple philosophy of "Be Professional, Be Fine, Be Well, Be Long", adhere to customer demand-oriented, technology research and development as the core driving force, provide integrated solutions in the field of engineering mixing, and create greater value for customers.

bauma CHINA 2020

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT