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Home News The COVID-19 does not change its intention to show the responsibility and accountability of the brand enterprise NFLG at Bauma 2020 in Shanghai

The COVID-19 does not change its intention to show the responsibility and accountability of the brand enterprise NFLG at Bauma 2020 in Shanghai



Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT

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bauma China 2020 was held on November 24, 2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the new theme slogan of "Stable and Resolute for the Future", this exhibition will gather more than 3,000 exhibitors, and present the latest achievements of China's manufacturing industry towards higher end and higher efficiency with a total exhibition area of 300,000 square meters indoors and outdoors, and is expected to attract 180,000 professional visitors.


NFLG appeared in bauma CHINA with the theme of "Mixing Ecology, Intelligent IOT" and brought 25 exhibits and 8 models, including the latest commercial mixing technology, dry mortar mixing, asphalt mixture mixing, solid waste sand making, mobile crushing and screening, and experimental center.





Exhibited objects and models

1.Commercial mixer equipment: HZS180J container plant, environmental protection mobile plant (model), automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment (model), vertical shaft planetary mixer (3 cubic meters), commercial mixer tank topping main building (model), 1m³ double horizontal shaft forced cement concrete mixing machine.

2. Dry-mixing equipment: Light gypsum-based mortar production line, FBLS100+FBT3000B mechanism sand dry-mixing equipment (model).

3. Asphalt mixing equipment: GLBR4000 integral asphalt mixing equipment, RFL1200 all-steel jacketed hot blast furnace, GTRQ200 counter-current full regeneration drum, GTL500 continuous asphalt drying and mixing equipment, integral asphalt production equipment (model).

4.Sand making equipment: VC1500 multi-cylinder cone crusher, GC500S single-cylinder cone crusher, mixing and pelletizing machine, four-separation positive pressure light material separation equipment, bouncing screen, A9S jaw crusher, USF598H vertical shaft impact crusher, RESCO-10 aggregate recovery building, S3 sand test building, aggregate shaping production line (model), overall solution (model).

5. Mobile crushing and screening equipment: NFJ1480 tracked mobile jaw crushing plant, NFC1300S tracked mobile cone crushing plant, NFI1313RS tracked mobile impact crushing plant, NFS780 tracked mobile horizontal screen, NFS550CZ tracked mobile slack sieve, 300t/h high output hard rock production line (model).

6.Experiment Center: automatic sorting robot, sand grain size and shape testing equipment, coarse aggregate analyzer.

NFLG has an outdoor exhibition area of 2500 square meters in booth A.38/B.40 of New International Expo Center. This time, NFLG's full series of exhibits in the field of engineering mixing are magnificent with great impact and are particularly eye-catching in the large outdoor exhibition area of Bauma Shanghai. A large number of visitors gathered at the NFLG booth, and the crowd inside and outside the exhibition hall was lively and bustling, and the on-site activities were even more exciting, attracting a large number of customers and industry peers to visit and negotiate.





NFLG always remembers its responsibilities as a national brand, and focuses on its core products, ploughs into the mixing industry, and builds up a total solution provider in the construction mixing industry. While most of the global industries are forced to stop, China's construction machinery industry continues to grow, and NFLG, as always, demonstrates its corporate responsibility and accountability with an exhibition with better exhibition space, higher exhibit and exhibition standards, and synchronous online and offline linkage.

Industrial Intelligence Internet of Things

The industrial intelligent IoT cloud platform is a highlight of NFLG's booth, showing users the cutting-edge concept of NFLG's "Green Building Materials Intelligent Industrial Park". This concept focuses on the fact that, in the trend of continuous updating and development of technology, NFLG has always been oriented to user needs and technological innovation. Based on the provision of complete sets of technology and overall solutions, NFLG builds a humane intelligent factory with high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection and comfortable environment for users through its self-developed remote service cloud platform and green building materials intelligent factory software systems, and thus realizes  The high integration of production automation and management informationization helps customers create maximum value from long-term development.



In this exhibition, NFLG's Industrial Internet of Things big data platform and Mixing College online teaching platform show NFLG's digital application capability and the company's confidence and determination to embrace the future with informatization. From product intelligentization to process information intelligentization, from equipment side to client side, NFLG connects the whole industrial chain through the Internet of Things.

Real machine demonstration

On the morning of the 24th, a series of equipment demonstrations became the focus of the first day of the exhibition, attracting the attention of many customers. This time, the live machine demonstration was the live production demonstration of jaw crusher A9S and the live production demonstration of plastic sand making equipment S3. The live machine demonstration at the exhibition shows the advantages of these equipment in pollution-free and low-noise.



VR exhibition

In order to let the domestic and foreign visitors who are interested in NFLG know more about the show, NFLG joins hands with China's
Road machinery network, to domestic and foreign customers to launch the VR exhibition, offline 2,500 square meters of booths synchronized to online, all-weather online exhibition, more three-dimensional to recommend the latest NFLG research and development results to new and old customers at home and abroad.


NFLG invites you to experience the NFLG show in VR, so that you can feel the atmosphere of the show without leaving your home.

Live Show

During the Bauma 2020 Shanghai, NFLG will take you to the exhibition in 360° through live broadcast on Shakespeare and other platforms, as well as short videos, pictures and other forms. During the exhibition, NFLG has carefully planned live activities for you, inviting you to watch the exhibition, know the industry and talk about new products. Regardless of whether you participate in the show or not, you will be able to see NFLG's latest research and development achievements, exciting interactions, interviews and other exciting content through the live broadcast.



As one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in PLUS 50, NFLG has always been devoted to mixing in the past 30 years, constantly innovating and iterating in the field of aggregate optimization and construction waste disposal and aggregate recycling.

In the next three days, NFLG sincerely welcomes customers, friends and construction machinery enthusiasts from all over the world to witness and share the influence and charm of this grand event, on the premise of taking their own safety precautions, and NFLG will witness NFLG's sincere performance in the global construction machinery event, witness China's economic development, and understand the openness and win-win strength of China and Chinese enterprises together with all customers at home and abroad.

bauma CHINA 2020

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT


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