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Bauma CHINA 2020 How to get to the NFLG pavilion quickly, you can't miss this guide!



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From November 24 to 27, bauma CHINA 2020 (Shanghai bauma Engineering Machinery Exhibition) will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. NFLG will bring a full range of products in the field of engineering mixing; equipment on-... site live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and mixing academy research and development results, and as the exhibition is approaching, NFLG will show you the exhibition in advance.

01、How to get to Shanghai New International Expo Centre?

The Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is located at 2345 Longyang Road (near Fangdian Road), Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is a 5-minute walk from Exit 1 or 2 of Line 7 to Huamu Road Station. In addition, the Longyang Road Station (on Longyang Road), a large transportation hub, is only 600 meters away from the pavilion, and is intersected by Metro Line 2, Metro Line 7, Maglev, and several bus lines.


02、How to apply for admission?

Original ID cards will be required for bauma China 2020. Exhibitors entering the exhibition halls must wear masks throughout the show.

1.Domestic Exhibitors

Exhibitors with ID cards of mainland Chinese citizens must bring their original ID cards with them to the exhibition (electronic ID cards, photos and photocopies are invalid).

2. Exhibitors from abroad

If you do not have ID card of mainland China, please be sure to bring the original valid travel documents, such as passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan immigration documents (original documents must be provided, photos and copies are invalid).

03、How to get to the booth of NFLG quickly?

The quickest way to find the NFLG booth: Enter the outdoor area of the exhibition hall from Entrance No. 2 (Fangdian Road, Huamu Road), walk 100 meters in the direction of Hall W5 and W4, and you will see NFLG's equipment, the NFLG booth is located at B.40/A.38 in front of Hall W4 and Hall W3.

Come on, let's walk through it together.

Enter from Entrance Hall 2


Wear a mask, ID card and prepare the 'accompanying code'.


Entry Security Screening


Turn right after swiping your ID card through customs


Access to the outdoor exhibition area from here



To the outdoor exhibit area.

Walk in the direction of W5 and W4.

Go forward about 100 meters.

You'll find NFLG's booth B.40/A38.



Go about 100 meters ahead to the NFLG booth!


The conference staff is preparing for the event in an orderly fashion!


04 Weather Conditions

During the exhibition, the weather in Shanghai is expected to be mainly cloudy and drizzly with slightly lower temperature. During the exhibition, please make sure to wear additional clothing, prevent from catching cold, wear masks and do your personal protection.


The biennial bauma CHINA exhibition will be held the day after tomorrow! This is the most professional event not to be missed in the construction machinery industry. For the 10th time, NFLG, with its latest research and development achievements, has prepared a huge outdoor exhibition area of 2500 square meters in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) at booth B40/A38, with a full range of equipment exhibits, live equipment operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, mixing college research and development achievements in the field of construction mixing.

Exhibition Dates

November 24-27, 2020

Opening Hours

Tuesday, November 24, 09:00 - 17:00

Wednesday, November 25 09:00 - 17:00

Thursday, November 26th 09:00 - 17:00

Friday, November 27th 09:00 - 15:00

See you at the NFLG booth!


Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT