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bauma CHINA 2020 Dry mortar mixing plant of NFLG exhibits(1)


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From November 24 to 27, bauma CHINA 2020 Shanghai International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo will kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, NFLG will bring a full range of products in the engineering mixing field, equipment on-site live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and the NFLG mixing institute research and development results, and many new products will be exhibited. As the exhibition is approaching, NFLG's WeChat public account will continue to release series of exhibits information to show you in advance.

At present, gypsum-based mortar has become a hot topic in the building materials industry. Gypsum-based mortar has many characteristics such as light bulk density, high tensile bonding strength, resistance to cracking and hollowing, good fire protection and heat preservation, and solid waste utilization of gypsum. Great social and economic effects. At the Bauma Exhibition, NFLG FBC3000 lightweight gypsum-based dry mortar mixing production line will be exhibited.


Equipment name:FBC3000 lightweight gypsum-based dry mortar mixing production line.

Scope of application:Mixed production of special dry-mixed mortar and light gypsum-based mortar.


Accurate automatic metering system for lightweight aggregate with low crushing rate;

Flexible and accurate additive metering system, stable and reliable;

Two-stage mixing process, short mixing time and high mixing uniformity;

Mature production line centralized dust collection solution, clean and environmentally friendly;

Intelligent IOT control system and dry-mixing butler APP ensure stable and efficient production.


Equipment advantages:

  1. The two-stage mixing process. First, the powder is mixed at a high speed, and then the light aggregate is mixed at a low speed, so that the mixing uniformity is high.

  2. Gravity automatic metering with lightweight aggregate volume scale, with high accuracy and low crushing rate.

  3. The construction cycle is short, the investment is small, and the effect is quick.

  4. Precise additive metering system helps production.

Some customer application cases of NFLG FBC series:

NFLG FBC2000 is applied in Shanxi Dadi Huaji




Installation log:

Today is the 10th day of the installation of NFLG's exhibits and equipment at the Bauma Exhibition. The weather in Shanghai is cloudy and fine, and the temperature is 16℃-20℃. At the safety morning meeting, it was once again emphasized that the installation should always pay attention to the safety of the work, and do not let go. Then, the on-site installers began to work to install the asphalt recycling drum layer, the sand making plant main building, and the concrete mixing plant main building.


Next preview

It is precisely because of the technological innovation of mixing equipment that has been focused on for many years, so that NFLG's dry mortar mixing plant has continuously made new technological breakthroughs. The next exhibition will introduce you the Integrated model of NFLG FBLS100+FBT3000B, please continue to pay attention!

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT