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bauma CHINA 2020 NFLG Wonderful opening!



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Bauma CHINA 2020 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 24-27. It is predicted that in the next few years, China will still be the largest construction machinery market in the world. Under the wave of rapid economic and social development, China's construction machinery has made brilliant achievements. Bauma CHINA 2020 will surely become the most profoundly shining page in the history of global construction machinery, and it will also bring unlimited possibilities for the development of China's construction machinery industry.


As a global construction machinery manufacturer PLUS50, in the past 30 years, NFLG has been deeply involved in the field of mixing, continuous iteration and innovation, extending upward to the field of aggregate optimization, and downward to the field of construction waste treatment and aggregate recycling. . In this exhibition, NFLG will bring a full range of products in the engineering mixing field, live equipment demonstrations, cloud service interactive experience, and mixing academy research and development results in the 2500 square outdoor exhibition area to show you the history of our company in the past 30 years and future development direction.

Since its first participation in Bauma CHINA in 2002, NFLG has never been absent for 9 sessions. This is the 10th time this year. Looking back, every Shanghai Bauma Exhibition seems to be a development node of NFLG, recording and witnessing every progress of NFLG. Let’s follow our lens to review the wonderful moments of NFLG at the Bauma Exhibition in those years, and to reminisce about the grand occasions of the past few construction machinery industry.


NFLG participated in the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition for the first time, and began to show its prominence in international exhibitions.


NFLG participated in the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition for the second time. Asphalt mixing plant, concrete mixing plant and other products were on display, they attracted great attention from customers and the industry.



Various series of mixing plant were exhibited at the NFLG booth.



At the 2007 Bauma Exhibition in Germany, NFLG made a gorgeous appearance with concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar mixing plant and its control system, which attracted widespread attention from the industry.




NFLG booth displayed research and development results such as mobile concrete mixing plant, containerized concrete mixing plants, and 5000 asphalt mixing plant.



At the 2010 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition NFLG booth exhibited concrete mixing, dry mortar mixing, asphalt mixing, mobile crushing plant and other products, and announced the formal cooperation with Terex to enter the mobile crushing and screening field.

At the Bauma Exhibition in Germany in 2010, NFLG exhibited several mixing plant of concrete and asphalt.



NFLG shocked with its powerful lineup and exhibited its environmentally-friendly concrete mixing plant, the 4000-type asphalt hot mix recycling plant, dry mortar mixing plant, and mobile crushing plant.



At the Bauma Exhibition in Germany, NFLG brought HZSDJ125 containerized vertical skip type concrete mixing plant, planetary mixer, dry mortar mixer, YLLB100 mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant, and so on.



NFLG booth exhibited six series of new technology and new product physical plant including crushing, shaping, sand making, mixing, and construction waste treatment plant.



At Bauma in Germany, NFLG uses this international platform to show users all over the world the environmentally friendly, efficient, intelligent and systematic engineering mixing and raw and recycled aggregate processing plant.


At the 2016 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition, NFLG brought six series of 30 new products and new technologies including concrete mixing, asphalt mixing, dry mortar mixing, crushing and screening, sand making and shaping, and solid waste recycling. With the theme of "25 years we only focus on mixing", we will show our new and old customers the breakthroughs derived from 25 years of technological precipitation, demonstrating the "technical" image of NFLG as a practitioner of environmental protection concepts and a leader in industry technology.



For the 9th time at bauma CHINA 2018, NFLG participated in the exhibition with the overall image of a large outdoor exhibition area of 2000 square meters, it will bring a full range of plant exhibits in the engineering mixing field, live plant operation demonstrations, cloud service interactive experience, and mixing academy research and development results.



NFLG not only participated in the 2019 Bauma Exhibition in Germany, but was also invited to participate in the promotion and release of Chinese construction machinery brands at the Bauma Exhibition, bringing a full series of overall solution models to the stage.


Installation log

Today is the third day of the installation of NFLG, and there are still 25 days before the opening of the 2020 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition. Today, the weather in Shanghai is fine. The enthusiasm of the NFLG equipment installation team is high, and the installation is carried out in an orderly manner. After the site has been cleaned and leveled, the mixing layer of the dry mixing equipment and the finished product silo of the GLBR asphalt equipment have been basically installed on the 30th. Gorgeous presentation during equipment installation.



From November 2nd, the WeChat public account of NFLG will continue to publish exhibit introductions, so stay tuned! At bauma CHINA 2020, NFLG looks forward to meeting you!

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