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The delegation of Taiwan Highway Administration visited NFLG asphalt mixing plant


On June 22th, The delegation of Taiwan Highway Administration visited NFLG asphalt mixing plant of Taiwan Minfeng RMC Co,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Taiwan Minfeng). Mr. Zhuo Jinrong, the manager of Taiwan Minfeng Asphalt Department ; Mr. Lin Zhilong, the head of Taiwan Minfeng Asphalt Plant; and Mr. Wang Kuncai, the agent of NFLG in Taiwan Asphalt industry, warmly welcomed the guests.



Mr. Wang Kuncai firstly introduced the NFLG LB3000+RLB2000 asphalt mixing plant currently used by Taiwan Minfeng to the visiting guests. This is the first asphalt mixing plant used by NFLG in Taiwan. Since it was put into production in 2018, the operation of the plant is stable with the high production efficiency. Also the plant is environment friendly and saving energy for the customer. After that, he accompanied the guests to visit the backyard feeding system, the main building, the control room and the asphalt blue smoke purification system of NFLG asphalt mixing plant.



During the visit, the delegation sincerely praised the whole process of NFLG asphalt mixing plant for environmental protection. Some members of the delegation said that NFLG asphalt plant can effectively control the harmful fumes, dust drift and high energy consumption generated in the production process. This will have an important reference for Taiwan's asphalt mixing production technology and even the construction technology of highway paving sites.


The visit by the delegation of Taiwan Highway Administration is not only demonstrated the strength and advantages of NFLG asphalt mixing equipment, but also demonstrated the innovation and breakthroughs in mixing-related research and development technologies of excellent asphalt plant manufacturing providers in China mainland to Taiwan's administrative agencies. NFLG asphalt mixing equipment has won the recognition of Taiwan customers for its outstanding performance, stability, high efficiency and energy saving, and also laid a good foundation for NFLG to further expand the market of Taiwan asphalt industry.

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