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NFLG sand-making equipment helps Dongfang Mining to develop towards scale and specialization


Benxi Dongfang Mining Co., Ltd. is a private mining enterprise with iron concentrate production and sales as its main body, and is a subsidiary of Benxi Dongfang Mining (Group). Dongfang Mining's total iron ore resource reserves exceed 500 million tons, prospective reserves exceed 2 billion tons, iron ore processing capacity reaches 10 million tons, and iron concentrate production is as high as 900,000 tons, which has been recognized as a key by the Mingshan government of Benxi City Supported local economic pillar enterprises.


As the Chinese economy gradually transitions from a high-growth model to a high-quality development model, the construction of green mines and the development of green mining have become the only way for the aggregate industry. As a pillar industry of local economy supported by Benxi, in order to fully utilize the solid waste in the existing production process, Dongfang Mining turns waste into treasure, builds a green mine, drives the surrounding economic development and improves the surrounding environment. The development concept of "energy saving, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization", during the investment and construction of the gravel aggregate production line project, carried out many rounds of inspections and exchanges on NFLG, and finally reached a cooperation to purchase NFLG S3-2060 sand making & aggregate shaping equipment in 2019.


The practical application of S3-2060 sand making & aggregate shaping equipment in Dongfang Mining effectively helps enterprises to comprehensively utilize solid waste in the production process and turn waste into treasure, realize the grading screening and treatment of rock after mining and stripping and beneficiation and crushing, and promote the harmonious development of mineral resources development and natural environment.


The NFLG S3 dry type sand making & aggregate shaping equipment integrates crushing, shaping, and sand powder separation into one, and adopts double-vibration self-synchronization linear vibration screening mode. The equipment adopts the key technology of vertical shaft crushing. On the basis of the US vertical shaft impact crusher, the classification function of the air sieve is integrated into the crushing and shaping machine, so that the crushing machine has multiple functions of "crushing, shaping, sand making, classification". S3 dry type sand making equipment reshapes the processed stone. The granules are round, uniform and full. The stone powder content is less than 0.5%. The gradation is continuous, uniform, stable and good in fluidity.


The equipment adopts gravity sedimentation and air separation technology, is equipped with adjustable deflectors, optimizes the air flow path, improves the recovery efficiency of coarse particles, reduces the content of coarse particles in stone powder, and effectively improves the comprehensive quality of stone powder.


At the same time, the equipment is equipped with professional offline dust removal pulse dust collector, which greatly improves the dust removal efficiency and dust removal area, ensuring clean production; equipped with high-efficiency bag type dust collector, can achieve offline pulse dust removal, dust removal efficiency up to 99%; it is equipped with a polyester peritoneal filter bag with excellent filtering performance, so that the smoke emission concentration is ≤20mg/m³.



In addition, in order to improve the comprehensive production efficiency of Dongfang Mining, NFLG has made a characteristic design of the equipment's central control system. The entire control system is equipped with safety and interlocking devices. Each operation device can quickly integrate all production process information according to the production process and ergonomic requirements, automatically push scheduling instructions, track the progress of scheduling instructions, and feedback the completion of the instructions, truly realized information-based closed-loop management.


Since January 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, some regional economies have been shut down, and manufacturing companies have faced the adverse effects of postponed resume work and difficult winter construction. However, NFLG overcame the difficulties in manufacturing, delivery and installation, completed the equipment manufacturing and commissioning in time, and delivered its ordered S3 dry type sand making & aggregate shaping equipment to Dongfang Mining within the original contract period, demonstrates the extremely strong toughness and flexibility of Made in China. As of the end of May, the equipment has been working continuously for 22 hours a day for several weeks, and has produced nearly 260,000 tons of machine-made sandstone. The positive service attitude of NFLG and the high and stable performance of the equipment have won recognition and praise from President Lu of the East Mining.




With the stability of the epidemic situation, various urban construction projects across the country have gradually resumed production, and the demand for sand and gravel aggregates is increasing. NFLG as a professional service provider and manufacturer of overall solutions for engineering mixing, has provided comprehensive, intelligent and integrated gravel aggregate solutions for customers in many industries, and built a new high-end green mine production model. In the future, NFLG will give full play to its own technological advantages, combine with the high-quality gravel aggregate suppliers represented by Dongfang Mining, complement each other's strengths, uphold the original intention, go all out, and continue to provide new momentum for Chinese economic high-quality development.

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